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Jan 5 -06 Notes
SCHOOLS: Because of the shortage of teaching posts several teachers set up their own Secondary Schools in the 1930's and '40's. Catholics Secondary Schools were set up in Abbeyfeale, Tarbert, Glin, Newcastlewest and Castleisland to name a few, the annual fee for a student was £9 to £12 per year. The Principal of Colaiste Mhuire which was established in 1937 in Abbeyfeale was Miss Catherine Woulfe, who studied under Dr. Douglas Hyde. This year it is 40 years since O Malley's free education bill.
TEN years ago 87 dictatorships fell around the world.
KNOCK Shrine at St Malachy's Church , Mayo, Quebec was erected by Rev. H.C. Braceland and in 1966 the Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa Dr. J.R. Windle led a pilgrimage to the shrine.
HISTORY: Fleadh in Listowel 1985,'86 and '87; New Outdoor Altar at Knock was erected in 1966; New Years Night 1926 Dr. Douglas Hyde inaugurated 2RN Radio; Christmas Night near Craughwell in 1835 the poet Raftery was buried; Arts Council cut funding for National Entertainment Scheme in 1985; M.J. Flavin was unanimously selected as a candidate for parliament at a convention in Listowel on January 9th 1906; Massacre at Wounded Knee took place on 29th December 1890, Black Elk an Oglala Sioux who was a member of an Indian Dance Group which toured England and Europe between 1886 and 1889, on returning home to South Dakota he witnessed the killing by the troops of his people. Saturday January 5th 1828 Humphrey O Sullivan a Kerryman in Callan writes in his diary, That some townspeople are putting in order a circulating library. It is a year established .... Who will establish an Irish Library?; Davy Crockett reaches the Alamo on Jan. 5th 1836; January 1606 trial of gunpowder plotters; Petty was sent to survey Ireland in August 1652 he estimated that only 20,000 of every 180,000 houses had chimneys, smoke caused widespread eye trouble, also 30,000 beggars travelled the roads of Ireland. As a young man in Paris he is said to have existed for a week on two penny worth of walnuts. William Petty was well educated died on the 16th of December 1687 of gangrene. Blessed John Duns Scotus born 1266, as far as I can understand, his view was that Christ was the perfect man and that God created the human race in his image, Blessed John was buried in Cologne in 1308.

JOURNALS: The Ballyguiltenane Journal is the biggest seller in the district year after year it provides a platform for local poets, writers and storytellers, several writers from abroad also contribute. Athea Parish Journal is also available and has articles on the Cratloe Hedge School; Interview with Con Greaney, Bunny Dalton, Tom Mullins and several others: Folklore from Carrigkerry collected in 1938, Crafts in the Locality and much more.

Jan 12 -06 Notes
MOYVANE name change, before voting should we consider the merits of going back to the old Irish name, as Moyvane is only the anglicised version of the original name.
HISTORY: 1936, the year of the three kings in England, Kipling and Chesterson died, German army entered the Rhineland; James Joyce died 13th of Jan. 1941; 1906 General Election returned the Liberals to power; According to recently released 1975 state papers,
The cottage in Bruree where De Valera was reared was bought in 1974 for £5,000; A Garda memo states The extent to which girls can be employed in order to release gardai for outdoor work is extremely limited; advice to the government on the celebration of the bi-centenary of the birth of Daniel O Connell, Issue a stamp and have some local function at his birthplace.
On 15th January 1836 Daniel O Connell wrote a letter to David D Leahy an Innkeeper of Abbeyfeale advising him that he will arrive in Abbeyfeale about 2pm on Sunday. 40 eggs cost one penny in 1686. First Edition of the Ballyguiltenane Journal is available at Newcastlewest Library, it contains poetry from Paddy Faley and Tom O Donoghue; letters from P Foley which won prizes on Radio Eireann; articles on Feury's Hill with its five county view, the coopers shop and a walk around local townlands and reminiscing about times past.
Local events in January 1966; Gerald McKenna new public relations officer for GAA; Fr Pat Ahern produces his first Nativity Pageant at CYMS in Tralee; Patrick O Sullivan appointed temporary Headmaster in Causeway; Tom McEllistrim Junior son of Tom McEllistrim TD was appointed to Kerry Committee of Agriculture; the marriage took place of Paddy Kearney and Eileen Francis SRN.
TO HEAL a burn without a scar: Take a handful of yellow scurk that grows on old walls and half as much of the white of a hens dung and enough pigs lard to make the mixture into an ointment, boil well and strain with fine cloth, put it on the burn twice a day with a feather, remedy prescribed by Jane Perry in the first decade of 1700.
TITUS OATES was expelled from the English College in Spain in 1677 after five months probation for disgraceful conduct, he was later given a pension of £5 per week from William of Orange.
EMPLOYED in this country in 1986 was1.01 million people, it is expected that by end of this year 2006 that 2 million will have jobs.

Jan 19-06
HISTORY: EWTN ( Eternal Word Television Network) was founded in 1981 by Mother Angelica a Franciscan who had only a garage, $200 and trust in God, now EWTN is a worldwide media organisation which can be contacted at ; English statistics reveal that in 1984 only 1,000 women were found guilty of serious driving offences, while the figure men amounted to 28,000; there is big hype now about bird flu, an advertisement for Ku-Ku in The Liberator of January 8th 1924 promises a cure for poultry distemper, which has caused untold damage to Irish poultry, also in the same edition violent storms and heavy rain visited the South of Ireland on Saturday night and continued slightly unabated till Sunday , serious floods in many parts. Irish Echo of January 24th 1931 reports: John McCormack filled the Carnegie Hall on Friday last, the house was in uproar when he sang I met her in the Garden where the Praties Grow, only three artists could consistently pack the hall, McCormack, Paderewski and Kreisler; On Saturday night January 24th 1931 the Knocknagoshel young men held their Grand Annual Ball, also on the same night The Rose of Lima Circle held their annual ball in aid of the foreign missions, Testimonial Dance in aid of the recently injured Rory O Connell of Tralee was held on Sunday 25th 1931. Cork Examiner of Jan 7th 1922 reports President De Valera's resignation and the Treaty Dail debate, Michael Collins at one point in the debate, said that we will have no Tammany Hall methods here, also reported is the inquest into eighteen deaths in Belfast, where the Coroner said there was a Bolshevist Association out to create strife between the two sides. Local events: Parnell visited Kilmorna on Sunday January 18th 1891 he was born in 1846. Sr. Mary Berchmans Kennelly of Knockanure entered the convent on 20th January 1906 she died in Brentford in 1959; J. J. McNamara B. Agric. Science gave a talk to Knockanure Macra on 21st January 1956 on his visit to Denmark in 1954 at the time 60% of total agricultural production was consumed by the Danes, 27% of the population got their livelihood from agriculture, 90% of agricultural exports went to England.
TRANSPLANT: First full lung transplant in Ireland too place at the Mater Hospital last week, 17 others are on the waiting list, for transplants to take place donors are needed, enquiries about donor card ring 1890 456 556.
AUTISM: Report on research of Dr Mickey Keenan from the University of Ulster claims that his method of treating autism which is all about empowering parents and using special techniques which help you get the best out of your child can bring remarkable results.
BIRTHDAY: Happy birthday on January 22nd to local historian John Murphy. Best wishes also to Kitty Shine of Moyvane who has reached her 90th birthday.

FRANCISCAN Missionaries of Mary, Sister Nuala gave a talk on the work of the missionaries at masses last weekend, Sr. Nuala told us her order work in 77 countries and families in poor countries have to live on a euro a day, Last year the tsunami and the Pakistani and Indian earthquake put extra strain on their resources, thankfully none of their members were killed in these tragedies

Jan 26- 06
PLOUGHING Match will be held in Abbeydorney on January 29th, Causeway on February 5th and Ardfert on February 12th .
500,000 acres of wheat was grown in Ireland in 1851, by 1881 the acreage under wheat had dropped to 150,000 acres. 1 million acres of potatoes were grown in the 1860s and by 1890 the acreage was half a million acres. Cattle numbers doubled between 1841 and 1900
SUGAR beet is grown by 3,700 farmers and provide jobs for 5,000 directly and indirectly producing an income of E140 million, due to changes in the markets this year we may see the last beet campaign in this country
BOOK: The Far Side of the World is a new book just published on Irishmen who served in the Korean War, several locals died in the war and a memorial to them is in Lixnaw.
CONGRATULATIONS to Mary Collins who celebrated her 100th birthday on January 18th 06 Mary was the second of six children born to John and Elizabeth Collins of Direen, Athea. Mary did her teacher training in Scotland where she taught for some years, returning home to teach in Kilbaha, Clash and Athea. Mary's centenary party was held at Dromore Nursing Home and was attended by Cannon Kelly of Athea and her nephews, nieces, friends and relations
HISTORY: ; First British-Consul General appointed to America was Sir John Temple who became a baronet in 1786, Sir John's reports were filled with stories of American misery anarchy and discontent, Temple was a first cousin of Dr Robert Emmet the elder; snippets from The Western Herald for January 1833, Mr William Gun Mahony second son of the late Rev James Mahony of Castleisland was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Royal marines; the population of the United States has reached 12 million; Long description of January fashions; report of grand supper attended by 400 people at the Mansion House for the encouragement of Irish manufacture among the attendance were Lord and Lady Headly, Lord and Lady Ennismore, Hon. Mr and Mrs Hare and Lord Riversdale; Patrick McMahon of Clare was attacked in his home by a group of men who took away his daughter; Heavy flooding on roads; Information on Captain Rock who is said to have gone to America; Mr Mullins MP for Kerry has refused to attend O Connell's Irish Congress which was held in Dublin; Cholera has disappeared from Listowel where the Knight of Kerry has established soup kitchens; Society to promote emigration established in Limerick. Tasmania collected among its inhabitants in 1855 £25,000 for relief of widows and orphans of the men who died in the Crimean War. RIC man Tobias O Sullivan who was born in Galway was killed in Listowel on 20th Jan. 1921; In 1946 a single room with private bathroom in Spain cost about 25 shillings, a meal in a first class hotel for two cost over £3, principal taxes on the meal 20% luxury tax went to help the poor, there was also a 10% war tax on the meal. After 40 years the Tarbert correspondent for the Kerryman is to retire on February 2nd 06.
CENTURY of News Photography exhibition to mark the centenary of the Irish Independent is on display at Tralee Library. A sample of the 300,000 items which were donated to the National Library are on view, more details from

Feb 2nd 06
HISTORY: William Pitt died 23rd of Jan. 1806, he became Prime Minister in December 1783 at the age of 24 years; In 1899 measles killed 600 children in Dublin; Snippets from the Kerryman for January 1906, Month's Mind for Cannon Fuller; Mr M.J. Flavin MP spoke at Listowel Rural Council and Board of Guardians meeting and told them that when he was elected 10 years ago the ratepayers were paying £4.000 for 101 extra policemen, within two years he had them removed, Mr Flavin urged farmers to support labourers as they had supported farmers during the land agitation; Parkinson's of Tralee and his exploits on land and at sea including a trip he made to Klondike; Stephen J O Reilly plumber was seeking a job at Glin Industrial School; John McMurrough Kavanagh of Dunquinn announced that from now on he will be known by his Irish name; Poem on, A Hundred Years from Now; Information wanted on lost family members, Courtney, O Riordan and Bradley; Kerry `98 Memorial, the idea of the memorial came from the GAA and so far it was claimed that they did not make any effort to contribute to it: A Tribute to Mr M.J. Flavin by the Newtowndillion U.I.L. among these present were at the meeting were Mr J. M. Hanrahan D.C., T. Dineen D.C., J Nolan, D. Shine, M. O Connor, E.E. Stack, J.J. Hanrahan, P. Mc Mahon. Kerryman of 1940 reports; Red Cross Chase at Leopardstown , clamed to be the greatest sporting event ever staged in Ireland; Death took place of Mother Genevieve Sheahan aged 77 years and 56 years in religion she was a sister of the late Fr Peter Sheahan of Newtownsandes and Fr Denis Sheahan of Manchester Diocese, death also of Mrs William Cahill of Knocknisnaw; Story on the boxer John L Sullivan; Loaf of bread cost 5 pence over the counter. Freeman's Journal of January 1797 contains an advertisement for English Lottery tickets which can be bought in whole, halves, quarters, eight and sixteenths; Charity Sermon will be preached at St Peter's Church on February 19th 1797 since the last charity sermon 4928 poor families at different times have been relieved, 824 Wheels with a Pound of Flax to each have been distributed.
FEAST: Wednesday Feast of St Bridget, the local children make St Bridget Crosses to mark the day;

Feb 9th 06
HISTORY: Kerryman of February 3rd 1906 reports; Two Milltown men dangerously attacked on highway; Ballylongford Notes reports on what Shrove means in Bally. Also forty girls attending night classes there; Dean Carmody states only for the military that St John's Church would be burned to the ground; Letter from M.J. Nolan of Newtownsandes stating that he will move at the next meeting of the County Council to ask for a grant to construct a railway from Listowel to Tarbert; Scheme of Instruction in Horticulture 1905-6, plots of land wanted; Two fishermen Stack and Whelan accused of putting net across river. Snippets from Feb. 10th 1906 Kerryman; Case of a young Caherciveen Carpenter and his Master; Mr M J Nolan Vice-Chairman of Kerry County Council fired on near his house in Newtownsandes; Votes of sympathy from all over Munster and one from Dublin was extended to Mr Thomas F O Sullivan on the death of his father Eugene; Brosna farmer made pledge twenty years ago and intends keeping it till Ireland gets Home Rule: Ballyheigue schools closed due to dispute ; Land Labour Association held a large meeting at Tarbert, Glin Industrial School and Listowel Brass Bands played popular airs, on the platform were M J Flavin MP, M J Nolan JP CoCo, William McMahon CoCo, M Ryle of the Kerry People, J. E. J. Julian JP CoCo, D. Mangan RDC, Eugene Mulcaire etc, the report of the meeting took most of a page; DNA: Researchers from Trinity College Dublin using DNA samples, say one in twelve Irish men could be descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages. Genghis Khanis is said to have nearly sixteen million descendants.
JUBILEE: To celebrate its Golden Jubilee of Moyvane Church of the Assumption the Parish Liturgy Group have organised a Parish Mission from 18th March to 25th March.
A new heating system and the re-wiring of Moyvane Church is due to take place from 11th to 23rd February
Feb 16-06
Knockanure N.S. was opened in 1966.
HISTORY: James Earl of Desmond in 1568 entered Fitzmaurice Country in Kerry, took all cattle, burned houses and continues killing Fitzmaurice's men; Home Rule officially backed by the Church on 16th of February 1886; Churchill made his famous speech to loyalists at the Ulster Hall in Belfast on 22nd of February 1886.
Snippets from Lady Gregory's Diary written at the Russell Hotel, Dublin for 14th of February 1926: She left Galway by train and read the papers which reported riot scenes at the Abbey and an attempt to stop O Casey's play; she surmised that nearly all the trouble at the Abbey over the play was caused by women. Mrs Skeffington leads them, the same women cause disturbance on Poppy Day and at election meetings, Mrs Skeffington lost her husband in 1916, he was not a fighter but a pacifist who was killed by an insane British Officer. In Dublin an armed group tried to kidnap the chief actor Barry Fitzgerald, all the players stayed in the Theatre between Matinee and evening performance for safety reasons. The train that Lady Gregory travelled on to Dublin was crowded with people who were going to the football match Ireland v England;
Vatican Radio inaugurated on February 12th 1931, their information office during the war 1940 to `46 broadcast over 1,240,000 messages.
September 1956 the Mass X Ray unit visited Listowel of 258 checked 21 were abnormal; Ballybunion 109 checked, 11 abnormal; Moyvane 121 checked, 5 abnormal; Tarbert 181 checked, 12 abnormal; Ballylongford 80 checked, and 8 were found to be abnormal.
Disability Pension was applied for by 568 Kerry people in 1956, 361 pensions were granted, 93 were refused on medical grounds and 114 were refused on means test; at end of 1956 there were 1.100 on Disability Pension in Kerry.
254 blind people received help from Kerry Council in 1956.
BLIND: At present Trachoma affects 84 million people worldwide eight million of them are blind, the infection is spread by eye discharge, flies, fingers and clothing one dose of antibiotic can keep the infection at bay for a year.
European Commission are proposing to bring in a regulation to limit flights to five hours for guide dogs on airlines. The same Commission are bringing in the Nitrates Regulations for farmers.
GORTA held their Church Gate collections recently over the past twenty years these collections in Kerry yielded E425,000.

Feb 23rd 06
HISTORY: Bits and pieces from the Kerryman of February 17th 1906; Kerry County Council meeting was addressed on the principles of direct labour by Mr Mulcare R.D.C. and Mr Horgan of Newtowndillion; also discussed at the Council meeting was death of Fr Foran PP Prior, increase in Vets salary from £100 to £110, loan of £1,800 to buy Steam Roller, Outrage on Mr M.J. Nolan; Mr Nolan's letter to the Editor of the North Cork Herald is printed, he defends the people of Newtownsandes , saying that the blame for the shooting was on one individual not the whole of Newtownsandes; Dept. of Agriculture gave £10,000 towards deducing price of seed potatoes, they can now be bought for 1 shilling and three and a half pence; Labourers Cottage can be built for £84 and 10 shillings; Funeral of Fr John Foran PP, Prior at Listowel, he was predeceased by his brother Fr William who died in Australia, survived by brothers and sisters, principal celebrant of Mass was Rev Coleman Sweeney nephew, Fr Foran was buried in the family grave at Murhur. Kerryman for end of February features: Letter from America which reports death of well known priest Fr Maurice J Murphy born in Duagh 1844, Douglas Hyde was giving five lectures a week in America and hoped to be in New York for St Patrick's Day; Concert and Lecture at the Gymnasium in Listowel, among the topics covered in the Lecture and slide show were the Siege of Limerick, Landen, Surprise of Cremona, Blenheim, Ramillies and Fontenoy;
Marriage of Michael Buckley son of the late Mr T Buckley of Knockane and Mary Bridget Nolan daughter of Mr M.J. Nolan of Moyvane House, her uncle Mr M.J. Moore attended;
CULTURE: European Culture and History site is at

VICTORIA Cross instituted 150 years ago, some men who won the cross include Joseph Connors of Duagh, Richard Kelliher of Tralee, two Agar's father and son of Tralee, William Nash of Newcastlewest, Claude Raymond and Fr Dan Kelliher was Military Cross winner.

Extract from Kerryman of Saturday February 17th 1906

Report of indignation meeting held at Tarmons on 13th of February 1906.
Mr Nolan was their representative for 13 years and the meeting condemned the cowardly attack on him.
Attending the meeting from Tarmons were D. Mangan. D.C.: J. Mangin, T. Moore, M. Fitzgerald, P. Fennel, M. O Connor, J. Graddy, James Graddy, R. Fennel, P. Mahony, J. Mahony, J. Enright, T. Buckley, P. W. Bunce, W. Fennel, P. Murphy, M. Wren, D. Wren, J. Egan, E. Enright, M. Burns, J. Halpin, J. Buckley, P. Bunce, T. Mackessy, P. Sweeney, J. Mulvihill, J. Mackessy, P. Collins
Dooncaha: J. Mulvihill, M. Enright, T. Ware, M. Enright, J. Kissane, W. Ryan, M. Scanlon, M. Donovan, J. Kennelly, M. Patt, J. Scanlon, J. Heffernan, M. Mulvihill, E. Scanlon, E, Kissane, P. Horan, J. Holly, Mrs Moriarty, M. Horan, P. Ware, J. Guerin, D. Guerin, J. Enright, J. Stack, T. Sanley, T. Moore,
Shanaway: T. O Brien, M. Murphy, P. O Brien, J. O Conner,
Tarbert: D. Dalton, W. Dalton, T. Linnane.

March 2- 06
HISTORY: St Patrick remarks in his confession: "The suffering of these women who live in slavery is the greatest of all. All the time they have to endure terror and threats" In 1066 William the Conqueror and his Norman army won the Battle of Hastings beating the English , in 1169 the Normans arrived in Ireland and established here names like Fitzgerald, Fitzmaurice, Cogan, Barry, Burkes, Lacys, Butler and numerous other names.
Kerryman of March 6th 1926 reports on Knockanure Branch meeting of Cumann na Geadheal, Secretary was J.T. O'Connor, the edition also reports the emigration of a whole family who are leaving for America and a letter about 2RN from Mr Moore of Ballybunion. Kerry Champion deports death on March 5th 1948 of John Stack who was MP for North Kerry from 1885 to 1892.
Bush is looking for $338 Million for the National Archives and Records Administration in 2007.
Tommy Moran began work as a coffin maker in Listowel in 1966 , saved enough to take him to England where he worked in a pub, returning home in 1978 he bought a bar in Carrigkerry which he developed, then moved to Jack Burkes in Thomas Street, in 1988 he bought the Red Cow Inn for £1m over the following eight years he expanded further increasing staff to 700.
March 9th 06 Notes
HISTORY: Nelsons Pillar was destroyed on March 8th 1966; Headlines from Kerry Champion for February 1936:Symparhy to Mr De Valera on the death of his son Brian aged 20 years; Cannon Murphy of Abbeyfeale died; death of Michael O Connor of Listowel and Brooklyn; Death of Michael Wall born at Kilmorna, he was chief representative of Pierce Engineering; William O Connor of Chapel Street, Tarbert failed to pay levy; Legion of Mary had Whist Drive in Walsh's Ballroom; New F.F Cumann established at Bedford; Lecture at the Plaza by Tom Barry of Cork; In the March 7th 1936 edition of Kerry Champion the paper reported on a letter from P. O Callaghan N.T. Knockanure on the disrepair of the Gortaglanna Memorial. March 2nd 1776 British troops in Boston were shelled by the Americans. Hogan Stand dedicated on 17th of March 1926. An Oige Hostel the Irish Youth Hostel is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year 2006. Everyone has over 1,000 ancestors when you go back 10 generations.

March 16th 06 Notes

INFORMATION on Thomas Tydings born early 1870s is being sought by his relations in America.
HISTORY: Ice Caps at the Poles are said to be over four million years old in the distant past big trees grew where the tundra is now; This year is the Centenary of the death of Michael Cusack founder member of the GAA, he went to school in Carron where he later taught, the school which was recently refurbished was built in 1858. The Hogan Stand was dedicated at Croke Park on 17th of march 1926. Sinn Fein founded in 1905 was in the words of Arthur Griffith a King, Lords and Commons Party till 1917. Snippets from the Kerryman: March 7th 1936 death of Mrs Jeremiah Buckley of Clounmacon, chief mourners were sons Patrick, Timothy and Jeremiah, daughters Mrs O Sullivan , Dromin; Mrs Lawler, Trippol; Mrs Shanysby , Chicago and Mrs Dunne , Chicago. March 14th 1936 prices: hens eggs 6 shillings per 120; duck eggs 5 shillings and 6 pence per 120; Chickens 9.5 pence per lb; old fowl 4pence per lb and ducklings were one shilling each; Also claimed in the paper that no labourers cottage was built in North Kerry by the Fianna Fail government; The tragic death occurred in Knocknagoshel of three members of the Danaher Family and the fourth member critical suffering from influenza pneumonia. Experiments: A mixture of shredded paper and molasses was used to replace hay in cattle feed experiment in America in 1991.

March 23 06 Notes
HISTORY: Elizabeth Barrett born March 1806 married Robert Browning in 1846, the couple exchanged 575 letters before their marriage. First Women's Day of Prayer in Dublin was held in 1934, it was led by Mrs Caroline Lyle and Miss Rosa Hudson. Kerryman March 1946: Cobwebs Glory was presented for the first time by the Listowel Drama Group: Lixnaw Red Cross gave a variety Concert at Tobin's Hall in Abbeyfeale; Listowel Hospital Sewage scheme cost £1,500; Recollections of Tom Quane on great hurling days in Kerry. March 1966: Death of Bishop Heffernan Bishop of Zanzibar from 1932 to `45; Listowel Drama Group presented Two on a String.

March 30th 06 Notes

KERRY. Archaeological & Historical Society lecture: Local man Gabriel Fitzmaurice will talk on the Social History of Kerry at Tralee Library on Wednesday 29th of March at 8pm.
HISTORICAL lecture on Beheading in Elizabethan Ireland will be given by Dr. Patricia Palmer of University of York at Tralee Library on Thursday 20th of April at 8pm.
AMBASSADOR: Australia's new ambassador to Ireland Ms Anne Plunkett is a descendant John Hubert Plunkett who was New South Wales attorney general 150 years ago.
HISTORY: In 1855 Kerry Diocese had 200 National Schools attended by over 30,000 scholars; between 1845 and '55 the population of the Diocese fell by 57,000.Birthdays: Michael Davitt at Straide on 25th of March 1846; Historian Mary Hickson at Ashe Street in 1826, Tralee; Samuel Beckett born April 1906; Ian Paisley April 6th 1926.First International Olympic Games were opened by King George of Greece on April 6th 1896. Kerryman of March 14th 1936 gives a sketch of the Kerrymens Society in New York which was founded in 1881 Denis Buckley of Kilcummin was the first President in 1936 his son was President, previous chairman Richard Stack who was brother of Bob of Ballybunion, next President John Brassil, up to 10,000 attended the Societies Field Day at Celtic Park.
Henry P Lanner used write the Kerry-New York Notes for the Kerryman

6th April 06
HISTORICAL lecture on Beheading in Elizabethan Ireland will be given by Dr. Patricia Palmer of University of York at Tralee Library on Thursday 20th of April at 8pm.
HISTORY: Recent Centenary of the American Jewish Committee was marked by opening an office in Berlin where the extermination of the Jews was planned by Nazis; First Jews came to Ireland in c1660, Eskine Childers who was elected President in 1973 was a descendant of them; Gladstone first Home Rule Bill introduced on 8th of April 1886; James Stephens 1882-1950 was Registrar of the National Gallery described the Easter Rising in his diary, he wrote "This has taken everyone by surprise. It is possible that with the exception of their Staff it has taken the Volunteers by surprise"; Henry Ford tested his first car in 1896; Women's League of Health and Beauty Est. April 8th 1930 by Mollie Bagot Stack; St Francis Xavier was born in Spain on 7th April 1506;

13th April 06
HISTORY: Kerry Champion of April 18th 1936 reports Garda investigation into report of 19 calf skins stolen from Newtownsandes Co-op, the paper also had an article on Juvenile Crime and remarked on lack of parental control and absence of school instruction. Lartigue Monorail approved on 16th April 1886 under the Listowel and Ballybunion Railway Act; William G Hare Earl of Listowel born in 1906 and was Secretary of State foe India in 1947; San Francisco Earthquake occurred on 18th of April 1906, 1,000 were killed and 2,500 acres of houses were burnt following the quake; Foundation Stone of St Peters Basilica was laid by Pope Julius II on April 18th 1506.
BECKETT and MacGreevy Celebration will be held in Tarbert from 21st to 23rd of April 06, full details from the Bridewell heritage Centre, Tarbert.

20th April 06
HISTORY: 1912 Kerryman of April 20th gives the main points of the Irish Home Rule Bill, Lower House to have 164 seats, expenditure on Old Age Pension, Insurance act, Labour Exchange and Postal Services was £3 million; Irish Parliament revenue £7 million deficit £2 million; April 10th 1915 edition of the Kerryman displayed an advertisement from J.J Kennelly of the Cloth Hall where he claims that he is the only Munster tailor with a Diploma from the British Institute of tailoring, J.J Kennelly was born in Knockanure also in the same edition of the Kerryman shallow water in the Feale for past fortnight and John Redmond reviewed 25,000 volunteers in Dublin, Ulster had 50,000 volunteers, most of the native Dublin volunteers supported Mc Neill's Committee; Report on Brosna Cow Testing in the April 3rd 1915 Kerryman several cows had had 700 gallons and a large number had 600 gallons while some cows had 250 gallons.
BOSTON Pilot: From October 1831 to October 1921, over 31,400 Irish immigrants placed advertisements looking for lost relatives in the Boston Pilot.

April 27th 06 Notes
HISTORY: Kerryman of April 27th 1912 reports on Listowel publican Martin Mulvihill who was charged under the licensing laws with having his door open before 2pm on Good Friday, Martin was a retired policeman who served in Belfast and his watch cost 6 guineas which he bought in 1877.In April 1915 the Kerryman gives a list if subscribers to Listowel Feis, Fr Ferris gave £1; Fr Breen of St Michael's £1; Madame de Janasz Kilmorna £1; Mr Flavin J.P. and Mr Little Inspector N.S, gave 10 shillings each; J.H. Pierce 5 shillings; Cannon Pattison, J Crowley and J Curtbertson gave 2 shillings each; Lars Larson half a crown and J Moore 1 shilling. Fr Darby Mahony famous Listowel PP died 28th April 1856. Irish population in May 1946 was 2,955,107 in 1966 it was 2,884,002.

May 4th Notes
HISTORY: Padraig O Cearbhaill of Glin gave his first Irish Class at Ballyguiltenane School on May 5th 1936; Jerry Kennelly of Knockanure wins his first election to Kerry County Council on May 5th 1926; Eamon de Valera addressed the first gathering of Fianna Fail at the La Scala Theatre in O Connell Street on May 16th 1926; Between January 1919 and 28th June 1922 members of the RIC suffered 442 killed, 725 injured and 20 kidnapped or missing; Johnny Cash born 1932 of Baptist parents in Arkansas, made his first single in 1955, during his lifetime he recorded 1,500 songs. May 1966 Ballybunion Greyhound Racing Club officially opened; 25 Kerry farmers were protesting at the Dail in May 1966; Irish Constabulary formed May 1836; In three day beginning on the 19th of April 1506 it is estimated that between 2,000 and 4,000 Jews were murdered in Lisbon; St Francis Xavier born in Spain in 1506 arrived in Japan in 1549 and died aged 46 in an Island off the coast of China.

May 11th 06 notes
FR. CASEY: Sr. Delia was on WL 102 on Friday evening last May 5th giving a talk on Fr Casey PP Abbeyfeale who died December 1907, next March it is planned to hold a special commemoration in his honour, publish a book and invite relations of Fr. Casey to Abbeyfeale.
BOOK on the history of St Ita written by James Dumphy is now available. St Ita who was born in Co Waterford in 475 and died at Killeedy, Co Limerick aged 80 years.
HISTORY: Empire State Building was opened in May 75 years ago. May 13th Traditional Big fair in Listowel; Cork wins first National Hurling League on May 16th 1926. Archbishop of Tuam set up a commission in 1936 to question the three surviving witnesses to the 1879 apparition of Our Lady at Knock. In 1943 the Department of Agriculture had fifty tillage inspectors and sixty three tillage supervisors to check 300,000 holdings which were subject to compulsory tillage orders; Males engaged in farm work in 1946 amounted to 519,600; De Valera made a radio speech in 1946 on the World Food Shortage-Our Own Position, farmers were asked to grow more wheat so that the Irish people would not be competing for American wheat which was needed for the starving people of Europe; In 1953 Ireland was a net importer of dairy products to the tune of £559,000, our dairy exports amounted to £2.1 million. Margaret Nagle of Annakissey married William Hickey of Kilelton in 1767 . Margaret had a picture of Joseph Nagle who fought at Fontenoy in 1749 when he was 21 years old.

May 18th 06 notes
HISTORY: Households in Carrueragh in 1901; Michael Mulvihill, Pat Enright, Jer Doody, James Fitzmaurice, Tim Moloney, John Moloney, John Creed, Mary Sheehan, John Dore, Pat Lynch, Willie Stack, Willie Keane, Pat Sweeney, Con Nolan, Tom o Brian, Tom Cahill, Jim Barrett, Bill Hunt, Jim Hunt, Pat Madigan, ? Ahern, Pat Flavin, Dan Carroll, Bridget Pierce, Mossie Stack, Kate Nolan, Maurice T Stack, Garrett Stack. Bob Stack, Bill Leahy, Jack Larkin, John Murphy and Dan P. Keane. Summer Time first became law on May 21st 1916. Catholic Boy Scouts were established during the winter of 1926/27. Kerry Champion of May 23rd 1936 reports that James Delargu gave a lecture on Saturday at Listowel Boys School to the recently formed Listowel Folklore Society. 1936 Edel Quinn sent to Africa to promote the Legion of Mary she died there May 12th 1944. Michael Davitt Centenary Conference will be held at St Patrick's College, Dromcondra, Dublin 9 from May 26th to 28th, enquiries to 01 88 422 39. Red Cross International Tracing Service will open their vast store of information to historians shortly. 1921 there were ten Irish regiments in the English Army. Mothers Day was established in America a centaury ago following a campaign by Anna Jarvis to remember he mothers humanitarian works. As part of the war effort in 1917 President Wilson used sheep to keep the Whitehouse lawn in trim saving valuable man hours.
RARE Breeds: Kerry Bog Pony Co-Operative will have a special day at Muckross Farm in Killarney on Saturday June 3rd all the farm exhibits and many displays will be on view.
May 25th 06
HISTORY: James Connolly established the Irish Socialist Republican Party on 29th of may 1896; Pallas was wrecked at the Gulf of St Lawrence on 30th of may 1856, among the passengers lost were 72 from Cork; Fitzgerald Stadium officially opened on 31st of May 1936, the field was bought for £750 and development cost £3,000;
CAPUCHIN Annuals first edition was published in 1929 in 1976 the Annual was loosing £1 per copy sold so the Capuchins decided to suspend .publication after the 1977 edition. During 1906 Temperance Crusade the Capuchin Fathers visited 117 Parishes in 23 Diocese , where they distributed 200,000 pledges.
Redemptorists Fathers first went to Cebu Province in the Philippines in 1906.
Snippets from Kerry Champion of May 1936: May 2nd Listowel CYMS had a variety concert provided by Tralee Musical Society. May 9th Con Brosnan presided at a meeting of the North Kerry Board of the GAA, 12 clubs were represented, North Kerry League competition May 10th in division 111 at Duagh Newtownsandes play Knockanure, referee M. Stack; Blackcock Feathers v Duagh ref. C. Brosnan. Aeridheacht Chairraidhe in Tralee attracted 12,000 to 14,000 patrons. May 23rd report on Listowel Library which had 2,106 books, 200 were Irish books, Aviation Day in Tralee Friday May 22nd 1936.
YOUNG Scientist exhibition which is in its 43rd year, entry forms and details are now being sent to secondary schools, very few Kerry schools enter the competition, more information from 1800 924 362.

June 1st 06
WEATHER: The wet weather is the constant topic of conversation by most people, cows are indoors in several districts. In 2,700 BC a slab was inscribed near Aswan on the Nile part of the message goes like this My heart was in great affliction, because the Nile failed to come in time in a period of seven years ---- everyone was in distress, the annual flooding of the Nile in Egypt was controlled when the Aswan dam was completed in 1964. Edith Holden an artist of the English Midlands recorded an entry in her diary on May 29th 1905 " One of the driest Mays I ever remembered only one wet day and one or two showers during the whole month of May".
Three days rain in 1926 melted all the buildings made of salt mud in the town of Shali near Siwa in Egypt close to the Libyan.
FARM Holidays in 1988 could be taken at Tom and Mary Dillane, Tarbert, B@B for £9.60, dinner £10, part board week £112; Mrs J Groake , Burntwood, B.B £10, high tea £9.50; Bambury Family, Ballylongford, B.B £9.60, high tea £6.50.
Holiday of 11 days in the Costa Brava in 1965 cost 21gns.
AUSTRALIAN Prime minister addressed the Dail while on a visit to Ireland recently, the first labour prime minister of Australia was Chris Watson his mother was New Zealand- Irish Martha Minchin, he only served from April to August 1904, Chris Watson died in 1941.
DAIL question revealed that on June 1st 1926 Newtownsandes and Listowel Credit Societies were being formed by I.A.O.S.
HOME Rule bill defeated on June 8th 1886.

June 8th 06
HISTORY: Michael Davitt died the last day of May 1906, his family were evicted from their home in Straide when he was four years old and at age eleven he lost his right hand in a cotton mill near Manchester. at age 24 sentenced to 8 years in Dartmoor for fenian activities, while in prison he came to believe that violence was self defeating, Michael Davitt was a great human rights campaigner and founder of the Land league. For many years his family grave in Straide was ignored and covered in briars. Liberator of Thursday June 8th 1916 reports Lord Kitchener and his staff drowned, Kitchener was born June 24th 1850.
50 YEARS ago Bill Hudson who was American born arrived at the home of his ancestors in Kilbaha. Ever since Bill has been researching his roots, copies of his work is available at Tralee and Listowel library. June 1966: Fr Brendan Sheehy son Sergeant Sheehy of Moyvane was ordained for Boston; Jack Leahy got prize at the County Show for the female champion; Marriage took place of Joan Healy of Moyvane and Gerald McLaughlin, James Sheehy and Margaret O Callaghan both of Moyvane got married in Boston.


JUNE 15th Notes 06
HISTORY: Bishop Bill Murphy was born in 1936 ordained a priest 18 June 1961and made bishop n 1995. Berlin Olympic Stadium with 76,000 seats was opened in August 1936, the last match in this years FIFA World Cup will be played in the stadium. While the 1936 Olympic Games were in progress anti Jewish persecution was scaled down. Average net wages for workers on the Feale drainage scheme in 1956 was c£4 and 8 shillings. AIDS was discovered 25 years ago. Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded 20 years ago, since then Adi Roche and her helpers have raised E16 million to help victims of the fallout from the reactor and given Irish holidays to 14,000 children from the affected district.
Kerry Champion of June 20th 1936 gives details of goods taken by the IRA, claims were made at Listowel Circuit Court, compensation claims included guns, taking of trap and overcoat, bicycle, quarry powder and meals supplied;
TREES are now in their prime, the Druids used sleep on branches of the rowan tree to improve their vision of the future, rowan was also associated with women; the alder which is now in full flower in the past it was associated with men; the oak was king of the trees; hazel was used by water diviners and also used to banish evil spirits; romance was associated with birch, but generations of children knew the pain it could bring; whitethorn was very white with flowers this year, ancient poets would have a whitethorn at their backs when reciting a lampoon.

June 22nd 06
ST MICHAEL'S College Year Book is now available ,it contains 64 pages of articles and photos compiled by the students, included in the Journal are class and sports photos; interview with Johnny Horgan of Glin who went to St Mick's 75 yrs ago; Eddy Dowling who was born in 1925; where are they now and St Michaels charity event for Ethiopia.
TADHG Gaelach O Sullivan who died in 1795 is the subject of a book recently launched by Fr Pat Moore, the book was written and researched by a Waterford woman.
UNCOVERING Kerry is a new travel guide written by Duagh woman with Knockanure connections Bridget McAuliffe.
LONGEVITY: Irma Stahler spent time in three concentration camps during the last world war and died recently aged 107 years, it is reported her formulae for long life was to block things out and get on with it.
KERRY A.& H Society will visit Glin Castle and surrounds on Wednesday June 21st at 10.45am.
GAA historical committee in Croke Park are researching GAA events in Canada, more information from
WATER Safety: RNLI have 43 Lifeboat Stations around the country, two stations based on inland waterways rescued 89 people last year, one in Lough Erne and the other in Lough Derg. RNLI rescued 1,161people last year and depend on voluntary donations to keep the service going. The RNLI are now introducing a hovercraft into their fleet.
MEMORIAL was unveiled on June 3rd 06 to Con Leahy of Cregane Limerick's only Olympic Gold medal winner which he won 100 years ago in Athens. Con was a member of a family of three sisters and seven brothers who between 1897 and 1913 collected five Olympic medals, 33 Irish Championships, six English titles and three American Championships. The memorial is at Bedford Row in Limerick City.
HISTORY: Nano Nagle took the habit on 24th of June 1776; Fr Mathew died 150 years ago this month; Custer's last stand was made on 25 June 1876; 29 of June 1976 was the hottest day in Ireland since 1887 the temperature reached 31.4 degrees centigrade;
KENNEDY: President Kennedy's ancestors include Fitzgerald, Hannon, Hassett, Hickey, Kennedy, Linnehan, Cox, Field,Murphy, Noonan, Sheehy, Wilmouth.
Sample of 1901 census for Knockanure village area; Maurice Griffin aged 58, his son Maurice aged 18; Bessie McCormack aged 70; Michael Barry aged 32, wife Bridget Kelleher aged 23 and four children; Jeremiah Carroll aged 42, his wife Mary Gorman aged 35; Julia Kelly aged 50, Ellen Kelly aged 47, Mary Kelly 28 and Jer Nolan aged 26; Tom Cronin aged 45, wife Margaret 42 and son James aged 17; Michael Finucane retired farmer aged 85, wife Mary aged 80 with son and two grandchildren; Michael Kelleher aged 60, his wife Nora aged 53 and son Tom aged 18.
PHOTO: Dr Page is taking up the second Rathcoola Residency 2006 and wishes to photograph relations and descendants of people transported to Australia, details from

June 29th 06
RELICS of St Claude La Colombiere will be in Ireland during June and July, his relics will be in the Cathedral Killarney on July 12th 06 and then move to Cork Cathedral on July 13th.
The Cuckoo was still singing on Friday last in Knockanure and on Tuesday last at Direen,Athea, the fine weather at present is great for both human, animal and plant life, some will have regrets that the longest day is gone.
FOLKLORE collected in Athea, Carrigkerry and Kilcolman National Schools in 1937 was read on WL 102 on Thursday morning last June 22nd , Kilcolman school had nearly 200 pupils and only four teachers. Kerry Folklore collected c 1937 is available at Tralee Library.
Listowel and Carrigafoyle Castles are open to the public daily.
COURTENARY National School in Newcastlewest will celebrate their tri-centenary in the autumn
HISTORY: Number of persons in each house in Gortdromagowna recorded in the 1901 census; Edward Carmody 5; Patrick Nash 4; James Kennelly 5; Patrick Kennelly 7; Michael Barry 10; Pat Kennelly7; Ellen Lynch 5; James O Connor 6; John stokes 10; Mary Meehan ?; John Buckley 7; Tom O Connor 9; James Lynch 8; Patrick Broderick 8; Patrick Woulfe 12; Lawrence Buckley 10; Thomas O Connor 6; Mary O Connor 6; No name 8; Laurence Buckley 5; John Buckley 6; James Hunt 9; John Stokes 5; Michael Lynch 7; Timothy Flaherty 9; John Flaherty 9; Mathew Costelloe 3 and James sexton 3. July 1st 1966 Radio Eireann began five weekly programmes on "A Boy from Bruree".
July 4th 1776 Declaration of American Independence adopted by congress. St Oliver Plunkett was hung , drawn and quartered on July 1st 1683 he was the last Catholic to die for his faith at Tyburn.
KYOTO: was capital of Japan for 1,000 years and has numerous shrines and temples to both Shinto and Buddhist gods , the city is surrounded by tall hills and is a great centre for art. Kobe Japan's principal port is a short distance away.
RUSSIAN Comfrey was brought to England c1870 by Henry Doubleday who got the root of the plant from the Palace garden at St Petersburg. Patrick R Kennelly who died in 1912 brought the first comfrey plant to Knockanure, he got it from a contact from Tipperary whom he met in Ballybunion. Pliny The Elder (AD 23-79) noted the herbal qualities of Comfrey.
SAIL on the Dunbrody from July 5th to 9th, computer database on ship listing 3.5 million emigrants to America, details from 087 9845 102
SENIOR Citizens held their meeting on Monday last the 26th of June in the Marian Hall.

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HISTORY from July 06


ARMS: This months Africa reports that small arms kill an estimated 500,000 people every year, the five permanent members of the Un Security Council produce 88% of the worlds conventional arms, several countries make more money out of arms sales than they give out in aid.
MADONNA Louise Veronica Ciccone was born August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. , she was called after her mother who died from breast cancer when she was six, Madonna was third of eight children.
HISTORY: Kerry Weekly Reporter of Saturday 23rd of June 1906 reports on The Annual Brosna Sports which was held on the previous Thursday, W Buckley of Newtownsandes won the one mile and the two mile bicycle race, while M Ahern of Athea competed in 100 yards, long jump and 56 lbs off the shoulder; the next edition of the paper June 30th 1906 reports Douglas Hyde was made a Freeman of Cork City following his return to Queenstown from his seven months travelling and lecturing in America, other reports include; 600 were on the books of the outdoor relief officers in Listowel area also noted was that the children in the deserted children's ward do not appear healthy and straw in cradles was not in proper condition; Lord Kitchener gave donation of 1,000 rupees to an appeal to organise Trained British Nurses Society in India. Kerryman of July 11th 1936 reports that a big crowd were at Moyvane Sports field to witness two senior County championship ties, football and hurling Mitchells beat North Kerry while Stacks beat Pearses. Boston Pilot of July 12th 1856 had an advertisement seeking information on James Grant who left Listowel in 1850, his brother Michael Grant of Wappelo, Louisa County, would like to hear of James.
NED Kelly Exhibition continues at the James Joyce House 15 Usher's Island, Dublin 8. Enquiries to 01 672 8008. A book on Ned Kelly was written in Australia by James Jerome Kennelly who had first hand information on the Kelly's, James Jerome Kennelly had granduncles in Gortaclahane, Pallas and Knockanure.
HEROD did not eat pork and Augustus mused "Better to be Herod's pig than his child".
SAD to hear that the Jesuit Church of the Sacred Heart in Limerick closed after Mass on Friday last June 30th 06, the church served the people of

July 13-06 Notes
RELICS of St Claude La Colombiere relics will be in the Cathedral Killarney from 3pm to 10pm on July 12th 06 and on July 13th from 8am to noon and then move to Cork Cathedral. St Claude was spiritual director to St Margaret Mary who along with her sisters first venerated the Sacred H

AWARE formed in 1985 have 60 support groups all over Ireland, they publish a quarterly magazine and their helpline number is 1890 303 302.
eart on July 20th 1685.
CIE Art Collection is now on view at Tralee Library the Arts Council paid half the cost of the pictures which were purchased between 1959 and 1971, some cost £5.25, £3, £14.70 more expensive artwork cost £250 and £275.

BEST Wishes to Bridie and Jack Stackpoole on the 50th anniversary of their wedding, they celebrated with their family ,friends, neighbours and relations at the Devon Hotel on Friday last July 7th, Jack and Bridie can be proud of the musical ability of their family and grandchildren who entertained the party after the meal.
GOLDEN Jubilee of the ordination of former PP of Glin Fr Martin Madigan was celebrated in Glin Church last week, the reception was held at Conway's afterwards.

HISTORY: Snippets from Kerryman: of July 3rd 1926, Picture on front page is picture of Mr John J. Hanley Baron of Broadway; Surprise that no excursion train will run from Kerry next Sunday; Large numbers paying rounds at St Mulleens Well in Brosna; Schism in the Kerry Farmers Union; The long drawn out British coal strike has a detrimental effect on the Killarney tourist industry; The Shannon Scheme; Free State accused of altering captured document. July 10th 1926 edition: Our American Letter by Wm. Parkinson who had travelled over 4,000 miles since his last letter tells of cost of smuggling Chinese into America from Canada jumped; The Eucharistic Congress opened in Chicago on Sunday; the story of a notorious rum runner; other topics in the paper include O Neill Griffins money enquiries from Listowel and Ballylongford, Proposed tour of Kerry football team to the U.S.A.; pickle Nasturtium seed; Historical Sketches of Abbeyfeale reports that David Leahy who was taken prisoner built an extensive concern at Abbeyfeale in 1813 also his involvement the restoration of stolen property and Thomas Guiltenane; An Irishman Down Under and New York Kerry Notes. Above are just a few items to get the flavour of Kerryman in July 1926.
ABBEY Reopens 18th of July 1966, the original building was burnt in 1961.
FIRST Black female Kenyan novelist was Grace Ogot she published The Promised Land in 1966.
THOUGHT: Aggressive people need the assertiveness of others to tone them down.

July 20th 06

GREAT to hear Bishop Casey recalling his work as a priest on Radio Kerry last Sunday night, and the week before our own retired Parish Priest Fr Joe Nolan was interviewed on the Chaplaincy work done by priests among emigrants in England.
KNOCK: A group from the Parish and district travelled to Knock on Tuesday 11th of July, it was a lovely day for travelling and the fine day in Knock coupled with all the devotions found everyone in good mood on the return journey, one unexpected feature was the finding of a ring in the collection envelope on the bus , despite calls for the owner to come forward nobody came forward to claim it. A day at Knock could consist of a visit to the Museum where you could spend hours browsing, the Prayer Guidance Centre, Knock Counselling Centre, visit the Basilica and several chapels, St Joseph's Rest Home, Our Lady's School of Evangelisation, full details on Knock at
Our Lady appeared at Knock in 1879 she also appeared at Gietrzwald 200 km from Warsaw in 1877 from 27th of June to 16th of October .
RELICS of St Claude came to St Mary's Cathedral on Wednesday last July 12th for the 22 hours the relics were on display many came to pay their respects, St Margaret Mary and St Claude have influenced about 300 religious congregations to use the words Sacred Heart in their title, here we are familiar with the Sacred Heart picture in every traditional home, the Messenger of the Sacred Heart and the Pioneers who use the Sacred Heart in their badge. August 23rd marks the 150th anniversary of the extension of the Feast of the Sacred Heart to the whole church world wide.
TEMPERANCE Weekend will be held from 6th to 8th of October 06 in Cork to mark the 150th Anniversary of Fr Mathew's death and the birth of Matt Talbot.
HISTORY: Douglas Hyde died 12th July 1949, he was given a state funeral and was laid to rest at Portahard Co Roscommon beside his wife Lucy, daughter Nuala, his sister Annette and parents Elizabeth and Arthur. The great-grandfather of Douglas Hyde The Rev Arthur Hyde was Vicar of Killarney.
Office of Public Works is 175 years old this year, they will be celebrating at Farmleigh with RTE Concerts and recently a gallery in Lord Iveagh's cow house.
75th Anniversary of the Dublin Eucharistic Congress occurs next year, several from the Parish attended the Congress, while the people at home participated by attending to their faith and decorating their dwellings and streets to show their fervour .
Michael Davitt centenary was celebrated with a vintage steam train excursion from Claremorris to Foxford and Ballina on Saturday July 15th; 49,000 Irish died in World War 1.
In July 1956 Kerry had 15 creameries and 50 cream separating stations according to a Dail report.
Kerry Weekly Reporter snippets from July 1906 editions; Terms of reference of royal commission to inquire into congestion in Ireland; Forty Kerry Catholic Clerical Managers meet in Killarney; This years show abandoned due to low subscriptions; Fr Casey of Abbeyfeale on the Parliamentary Fund and the labourers bill; Home bred beef, war office boycott; Local questions in Parliament; Phases of dessert thirst; In praise of gardens. Kerry Sentinel of July 8th 1884 published a letter from W.M. Stack stating that Michael Davitt will be in Tralee next week.
SOMME: The battle of the Somme was recently commemorated to learn more about the men who fell during 1914-18 war see a copy of The Widows Penny by Patrick J McNamara in any County Limerick Library. Names mentioned include Guina of Athea; Foran, Dunne and Dore, of Newcastle West; Fitzgerald of Ballyhahill; Cusack and Cusack of Glin.

Notes July 27th 06

POPULATION of Kerry according to latest figures is 139,616, Newtownsandes 1037 up 33 since 2002.
NCBI was established in 1931 to promote independence of people with vision impairments their 75th fundraising celebration dinner will be held at the Burlington Hotel on 15th of September, enquiries to 01 882 1925, other fundraising activities include Equestrian Challenge in Argentina from 12th to 22nd of November and Mountain Bike Challenge in Thailand from 12th to 26th of November.

HISTORY: 26th of July 1586 Francis Drake arrived at Plymouth with potatoes. Kerry Sentinel July 4th 1906; reports speech to parliament by Thomas O Donnell MP he told of 80,000 living in Congested Districts in Kerry, their average valuation was being £1 and 3 shillings per head, 333 houses had 5 occupants per room, 30houses had 11 occupants per room; John Moran of Strand Street was charged with act contrary to public decency by bathing in the canal All Ireland Football Final big attendance, Kerry beat Dublin, a drenching downpour all during match. K.S July 25th 1906 contains advertisement for Kerry's first GAA Listowel Sports which was held on Sunday August 5th 1906, special trains from Limerick, Killarney and Tralee, D.J. Flavin among many others was on the sports committee; Death took place of Denis Brosnan of Duagh father of Rev D. Brosnan of St Brendan's Killarney, he died at his daughters Mrs P Galvin's house at Patch, Duagh. July 23rd 1956 anti- red revolt in Hungary. First Transatlantic flight to Knock Airport 29 July 1986. Birth of Tom Crean July 20th 1877, birth of John B. Keane 21st July 1928. Ryder Cup first matches staged in the USA in 1927; 5,000 staff will be needed to run this years event.
GALWAY Races: The winner of the principal race in 1946 was Fair Pearl came in at 10-1 the horse was owned and ridden by Mickey Tully, he forfeited the race due to a technicality, first TV coverage of the Galway races was in 1963.

Aug 3rd 06

FULL MOON is on August 9th , the great weather over the past two months is gradually passing away. Tourists had a great time, it is the foolish person who would go abroad for sun this year. In 2005 we had 1,717,000 overseas people visiting the Southwest while 1,525,000 Irish came to the Southwest, spending at total of E275.6 million.
DAY TRIP to Cobh was made by the Ballyhahill/Loughill parishioners and friends on Tuesday last July 25th, the group was led by Fr O Leary PP a wise shepherd ready for any eventuality that may occur, his father herded sheep on Spike Island so he was at home in Cobh and district as far as history and local knowledge was concerned. The magnificent Fota Island is on the approach to Cobh Heritage Centre situated in the old Victorian railway station where you can explore the conditions of ships and passengers leaving Queenstown, multi media show of the Titanic and Lusitania connections, Irish Wake, Annie Moore, Wall of Dedication where you could enter the name of a relative who left via Cobh to foreign lands. About 2.5 million adults and children emigrated via Cobh over the years. St Colman's Cathedral on Cobh Island is one of the great Irish cathedrals built on a high hill its foundation stone was laid in 1868 and built in the form of a Latin Cross, exterior in Dalkey granite and Mallow limestone, cost £230,000 to complete. The pulpit is of Austrian Oak, the Organ has 2,468 pipes, the spire is 300 feet, to renovate the Cathedral to day I am told could cost E3.7 million. Spike Island in Cobh harbour had an army and naval presence for 800 years, convicts built the fortress on the Island c 1792, from c1850 to 1883 Spike Island was used as a penal colony, the mortality rate from 1849 to 1883 was over 44%. Between 1791 and 1853 30,000 men and 9,000 women were sent as convicts to Australia. Now we have our Justice Department proposing the desecrate the Spike Island by building a new prison there. Sad to see Haulbowline huge cranes now lay idle. You can have a cruise around the harbour to see all the landmarks many of them now redundant. By 1830 Cobh was the Brighton of Ireland, Geraniums can be left out during the winter in Cobh.
. Other interesting places to visit include: Sirus Arts Centre in the old Yacht Club building; Old Middleton Distillery restored to its 18th centaury grandeur, only 15 minutes from Cobh. Six passenger ships visited Cork during July one ship called Constellation had 1,000 crew and 2,450 passengers.
AID: Irish government is to increase aid to immigrant groups in U.S. by 29%. Bill Nolan of Ballydonoghue gives a profile of Zambia in the new free paper called In View Kerry, Zambia has a population of over 11 million, Irish aid to the country amounts to E20 million, spending of it is overseen by Ambassador Nolan.

In 2005 we had 1,717,000 overseas people visiting the Southwest while 1,525,000 Irish came to the Southwest, spending at total of E275.6 million.

AUGUST 10th 06.
FULL RED MOON is on August 9th , shooting stars are expected to peak around August 12th; Mercury is close to Venus early on the morning of August 11th; Floods: 11th August 1946 big flood in Finuge and elsewhere, no hay saved; August 1916 floods in Fermoy and the Blackwater burst its banks; Kerry Sentinel of August 20th 1886 reports that on Thursday last after thunderstorm the Feale in Listowel turned black.
First wild blackberries of the season can be seen high on the cliff over the Men's Strand. July this year was warmest since 1989.

40th anniversary of the introduction of free secondary education will be marked at the Fianna Fail National Education Conference which will be held in Dun Laoghaire on 11th of September 06.
ROCKETS: The Katyusha rockets now being fired at Israel are called after a love song written by a Jewish songwriter. 20,000 children have been evacuated from Northern Israel since July 12th.
BEN FRANKLIN born 300 years ago was a man of many parts, being an inventor, genealogist, writer, printer and founding father of the United States.
HISTORY: Snippets from Kerry Sentinel; August 4th 1906 recalls the escape of Thomas Francis Meagher from Tasmania in 1852; The Knocknagoshel Sports Committee are preparing for their annual sports which will be held on August 15th; Mr and Mrs Gilbert were celebrating their silver wedding on the banks of the Themes when one of the sons got into trouble in the water, in the rescue attempt Mr Gilbert and his two sons drowned; United Irish League were rejoicing after Daniel O Shea was reinstated in his ancestral farm at Cleeney after nineteen years dispossession, also the Abbeyfeale Branch of the UIL held a meeting which was presided by Fr W Casey, P.P, the chairman referred to the necessity of supporting the Parliamentary Fund and he also encouraged everyone in Islandanny district and everywhere else to purchase tickets from Mr Con Keeffe of Pilgrim Hill to help him cover cost of action against Listowel estate over turbary rights, his action was most beneficial to the tenants of the estate; Mr Boland a North Kerryman had his invention displayed at the Munster-Connacht Exhibition in Limerick; between Castleisland and Brosna a severe attach of potato blight; August 8th edition of the KS gives an account in Athletes Corner on the effect of the GAA ban and how the best athletes were prevented from competing; Local winners at last Sunday's August 5th 1906 GAA Sports in Listowel include Timothy J., D., and M. Ahern of Athea; J Bowden, Kilmorna; D. Walsh of Newtownsandes; other winners included Leahy and Hurley of Charleville, Acton and Mullins of Dublin, the gate receipts were £100 and Mrs D.J. Flavin presented the prizes. Also mentioned in the paper was the house where Kitchener was reared and fish poisoning near Listowel. Fidel Castro born 13th August 1926. 13th August 1986 Daniel O Donnell came to and performed in Knockanure Village.
RELATIONS: Maryellen Redish is searching for her relations her great grandmother, Annie O'Connor, & her sister, Kate, emigrated to Philadelphia c1875 from Tralee. Parents were Michael & Johanna O'Connor. Annie O Connor married William W. Campbell in Philadelphia. My great grandfather, John J. Kennelly was born in Listowel and emigrated to Philadelphia around 1873. His parents were Michael & Catherine Kennelly. John Kennelly married Catherine McElroy in Phila. Any information on the original Kennelly or O'Connor families would be appreciated.

August 17th 06
VINTAGE DAY will be held at Knockanure on Sunday August 20th. The old school committee will hold a cake sale on the day. Any donations of cakes, tarts, brick a brac etc will be greatly appreciated, items may be handed into any member of the committee. Knockanure Development Association is having a draw for a signed Kerry Jersey, tickets are available locally, draw is on Vintage Day. Due to the Kerry - Cork Match the children's Sports will commence at 1.30 sharp. All ages are welcome. The Match can be seen on a Big Screen in the field. Live music from 2.00pm - 3.30pm
RECALLED: 15th of August 1893 boat tragedy when 17 young people lost their lives on the Shannon was recalled at a special service in Tarbert on Tuesday last.
SAD to hear that Kingdom Ceili which was a popular programme for 15 years on Radio Kerry has ended , the inimitable hosts Mary Conroy Knipper and Maire Begley O Se will long be remembered by all their devoted listeners.
BOOK: On August 30th at 8pm at the Gaelscoil in Newcastlewest Geoff Hunt will launch his book which gives descriptions on 50 locations in County Limerick which are of interest to nature lovers.
REEK: On Sunday August 6th a group from Athea and locality travelled Croagh Patrick, the morning was wet later turning to mist and in the afternoon a nice cool breeze with sunshine made it ideal for climbing, the start of the climb runs beside a lovely small stream as you go higher you imagine that the top is around the corner but returning pilgrims will keep you informed of how much more to travel and what's more for the first time climber is the dreaded steep last half hour climb, all the hardship is forgotten in the exhilaration of reaching the mountain top church. The way down is less strenuous but much energy is put into constant restraint in keeping a slow pace as the terrain is very uneven with slippery patches, loose stones, and solid boulders, if that was not enough you also have to dodge the upward climber who usually has his head down .St Patrick is said to have fasted for 40 days and nights on Croagh Patrick which is 765 metres above sea level, the present church was erected in 1905, carbon dating show that that an early Christian church was on the summit between 430 and 890 A.D.. Pilgrimages have been taken place with over the past 5,000 years. It was tradition that pilgrims walked to the top of the Reek at night, nigh time walk was cancelled in 1973. The last Friday in July and the 15th of August are the most popular days to Climb the Reek with over 20,000 climbers on the day, it takes about 3.5 hours for the round trip, many from abroad make the climb. While at the Reek it is worth while visiting St Patrick's Well, Murrisk Augustinian Abbey Est. 1457 now in ruins for 400 years, the Millennium Park and National Famine Memorial which is a bronze ship with skeletons around the side joining its three masts, there is also a statue of St Patrick erected in 1928, Marian Shrine, many walk ways, a visitor centre, community centre and car park at the foot of Croagh Patrick.
HISTORY: One of the first Gypsies to be beautified was born in Spain on August 26th 1861 and was shot by the Spanish revolutionary militia on August 2nd 1936; August 16th 1896 George Carmack found gold at Rabbit Creek his testimony started the Klondike gold rush in no time Dawson city had a population of 40,000, a Knockanure man Michael O Connor was mayor of Dawson city in the early 20th centaury. Kerryman of August 19th 1961 reports that Mary O Carroll and Mairead Callaghan went to Lourdes as helpers, also reported in the same weeks edition is the story of Grand Canal, the dog was originally owned by Cormac O Leary and Dan Walsh of Moyvane.
Fighting Dick Talbot the Duke of Tyreconnel escaped from Cromwell's attack on Drogheda and was accused later that he was part of a conspiracy to murder Cromwell died in Limerick on August 14th 1691.
KNOCK: The 12th Annual Pilgrimage to Canada's Knock Shrine was led on August 21st 1966 by the Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa Rev J.R. Windle.


August 24th 06 Notes

Lough Derg.

St Patrick's Purgatory
A group of pilgrims from North Kerry and Limerick went to Lough Derg and took in a one hour visit to Knock on the way up on Friday August 11th 06, the pilgrimage lasted three days.
Pilgrims have been going to Lough Derg for over 1,000 years, they do all the exercises in bare feet and fasting for three days , only tea, toast or oat cake once a day and sleep in bed is allowed on the second day after 10pm. Most pilgrims seem to cope with the restrictions and some add on their own extras. In 1980 work began in improving and restoring facilities at Lough Derg, now many rooms and halls of various sizes are available for pilgrims , new hostel built in 1988, but repayment must be made on E1.1 million outstanding.
Many activities take place inside the basilica, which was opened in 1931, including Mass, Night Vigil and various religious exercises. At the back of the white marble altar is a huge penal cross with Christ crucified, the tabernacle is very ornate like an old Irish reliquary in bronze decorated with a huge number of figures and ornaments, the lectern also in bronze is decorated with images of early Irish saints and scenes , also depicted is the Knight Owen as the story goes, he went to purgatory and after passing trough reached a land where people were singing hymns and everyone was welcome. His story of Lough Derg was well known abroad 800 years ago . The church can seat about 700 and has two galleries and a very high roof, stained glass windows incorporating stations of the cross are by Harry Clark who died in 1931. Doing spiritual exercises, in the quiet of day and night, the gentle lapping of the fresh water against the foundations can be heard, the dawn on a fine morning making your stay on the Island unforgettable.
St Davog a disciple of St Patrick was the first abbot on Saints Island, he was born in Wales and died in 516, the Island was attacked by the Danes in 836. Others associated with Lough Derg include William Kane boatman, who ferried pilgrims to the Island he died in 1997, Pilgrimages were made by : Nora Hanrahan for 60 years; Jack Crummie, Anthony McGuire and Cissie McGuire 40 times; James Brady 42 times and Kathleen Duffy came 30 times. Relics of several Irish saints are preserved in a display case, St Columbanus who went to Europe in 591 with twelve companions is remembered in St Mary's Chapel. More information available at
AUGUST 31st 06

HISTORY: It is reported in a local newspaper of August 23rd 1899 that a lad fell from his bike in Tralee after cycling from Castleisland in torrid heat; Emigration from Ireland in the twelve months ending December 1914 was 20,314; Front page of Kerryman of August 20th 1927 contains drawing of proposed Christian Brothers New Secondary School in Tralee; Newcastle West excursion to Cove by between four and five hundred patrons, report of the successful trip is given, the day was organised by the local Branch of the Holy Family; Kerryisms reports that details of the recent Leaving Certificate and Intermediate Certificate have been sparingly given. Kerry Sentinel of August 25th 1906 reported on a group of people with candles who went to the Grand Cave in Ballybunion on Tuesday night between 11 and 12pm, the candles quenched and Denis O Connell of Abbeyfeale drowned. 2RN on August 29th 1926 made Europe's first broadcast of a field game when they gave a commentary on the All Ireland semi-final between Kilkenny and Galway, score Kilkenny 6-2 Galway 5-1. Kerry Champion of August 13th 1949 reports that £3,000 was the highest bid for the 109 acre farm of Henry G Owen of Bedford Listowel; Mushrooms plentiful and local postman Denis Stack had mushroom weighing 10 ounces; Work on the ten house scheme at O Connell's Avenue to start soon; A hundred greyhounds were sold to cross channel patrons this past month; August 27th 1949 edition of Kerry Champion reports that Listowel born Fr James J.A. Troy was honoured at a ceremony attended by 600 people and conferred a Knight Commander of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem , it was the first such ceremony to be held outside the Holy City, It took place in Minneapolis. Fr Troy was 30 years army chaplain and travelled on a 52,000 miles trip through the far east in 1933. Irish Parachute Club was established 50 years ago.
Kerryman of August 19th 1961 reports that Mary O Carroll and Mairead O Callaghan of Knockanure went to Lourdes as helpers. Well known poet Jerry Histon was born at Clounmacon on 27th August 1886.
PARDON: 26 Irishmen serving in the British Army who were executed during World War One have been pardoned by the British Ministry of Defence.
TRAVELLERS: 24,000 Travellers live in this country and 15,000 Irish Travellers live in the United Kingdom.

SEPTEMBER 7th 06 Notes

HISTORY: Headlines from Kerryman of September 8th 1906; Presentation of testimonial to Mr M Enright B.A Listowel; GAA or ICA athletics clubs; Agricultural Depression; Profitable Farming in Bad Times; Miser's miserable end in Tralee; The Corca Duibne Schools; Thoughts for Young Men; Who is Old , a wild man will never rust out, almost to the last hour of his life Wellington was at work, so were Newton, Bacon, Milton and Franklin; Kerry Athlete Successes in California , the article is on the success of D.O Neill of Currans, before an audience of 2,000;
Listowel Town Court cases included; riotous behaviour Lyons and Murphy, charged with drunkenness were Reidy, Dowd, Brosnan, Stack, Foran, Nolan and Connor fines ranged from 7 shillings and six pence to 10 shillings , two Carroll brother were fighting at the Railway Station, Moloney brothers attacked Joy, Doyle and Barrett women shared abusive language, Sandes and Quinlan women charged Lynch with Abusive language and Malicious Injury; the Rural Council sought recover possession of Labourer's Cottage and failed.
Kerry Champion of September 3rd 1949, gives the history of racing in Tralee. How they raced in the old days at Mounthawk and Ballyvelly and the start of racing in Ballybeggan in 1896. Fifty tents were on the old course and the stand a temporary wooden structure could accommodate 100. Among the great horses trained by Paddy Dillane in Tralee was the Maid of Tralee who won at many venues all over the South of Ireland. In the old days it took the best part of a month before the last of the invaders left for pastures new.
A Troop of Militia was raised by Arthur Denny on September 4th 1666.
Dromcollogher Cinema fire took place on September 5th 1926.
THOMAS MOORE: Another book on Thomas Moore called Ireland's Minstrel written by Linda Kenny was launched recently; we regard Thomas as one of our own.
BOOK on the Boy Scouts by Fr Gaughan, is now available, it has several references to Listowel scouts, their travels and hosting of jamborees.
TEMPERANCE: Cork Temperance Weekend to mark the 150 Anniversary of the death of Fr Mathew and the birth of the Venerable Matt Talbot will be held from 6th to 8th of October 06, details from
MISSION Alive will be celebrated again this October; special events will take place to remember missionaries. Over 1000 sisters and 1,000 priests from Ireland work in 90 countries at present, England have 455 and U.S. have 6,395 missionaries working outside their countries.
100th Anniversary of the death of Fr Casey PP Abbeyfeale will be remembered next year; everyone is welcome to discuss plans for the event at the Courtney Lodge Hotel on Monday September 11th. A meeting of Fr Casey Commemorative Committee was held at St Ita's Hall on August 28th.
EDUCATION: Fianna Fail National Education Conference takes place in Dun Laoghaire on September 11th, the introduction of free education 40 years ago will also be remembered at the occasion.

SEPT 14th 06

AUDIOSCOPE the RTE radio programme which covers issues about vision impairment is off Radio One. Thirty two years ago the programme started and was called Listen and See and broadcast on Sunday evenings with Jim Sherwin presenting the it for seventeen years, with the new presenter Nora Doyle who was vision impaired , the name was also changed to Audioscope, for more information check
SIGHT: age related muscular degeneration is the main cause of sight loss for over 55s in the EU, between 1996 and 2003 there was an increase of 113% in this condition being diagnosed.
HISTORY: Extracts from The Kerry Examiner September 1846; Listowel Guardians were of the unanimous opinion that the potato crop was a total failure; potatoes called Ratlers, White Apples and English Reds generally escaped the blight; Listowel relief committee met on September 4th , John Francis Hewson was in the chair; Indian corn has advanced 20 shillings a ton and first flour 2 to 3 shillings a bag;
150 labourers from near Nenagh came into Nenagh protesting that public works were stopped so the harvest might not be interfered with, the men said that farmers who had potatoes in the ground could not afford to pay them 5 pence a day to dig them and the workers were starving; a report copied from Halifax Sun notes dreadful mortality and sickness on board Vesuvius, and a report from Quebec Freeman gives account of mortality on emigrant ship the Elizabeth and Sarah, 21deaths and 16 cases of fever; some cases of common cholera in Listowel and other towns; in parts of France not a field has escaped attacked by potato disease, last years crop was only one third of normal; typhus fever at St Petersburg last month caused 900 deaths per day; Cholera in Scinde, India caused death of 8,000 from 13th to 25th of June; the papers from Sydney give an account of the death of a catholic Bishop at the hand of savages on a South Sea Island; Fr Mathew is to visit Killarney; The World's Temperance Convention was held at Exeter Hall, delegates from America attended; labourers who refused to work during the time they were engaged could face prison, now that the potato crop had failed, labourers wanted cash for their wages instead of working against the rent of their house and garden, a test case found that the Magistrates had no power to send a labourer to prison if he refused to work when he did not get cash for his wages.
FIRST Edition of the Irish Press came out on 5th of September 1931; Fianna Fail Party first entered Dail on 11th of August 1927.
EOGHAN HARRIS in the Sunday Independent of September 3rd 2006 gives a shocking account of how a protestant family was murdered near Bandon by anti-treaty IRA on 26th of April 1922, thirteen West Cork Protestants were murdered in April 1926, we all done our history in school yet these crimes and many more were never mentioned.
TROUBLES: Sunday September 3rd 06 Maurice O Keefe had his programme on Radio Kerry about the Volunteers in the North Kerry area, much of the programme was taken up with the ambush of soldiers at Kilmorna, reprisal shootings and the killing of Sir Arthur, burning of the O Mahony great house in Kilmorna and visits to several memorials and burial grounds. Most of the action was within the Parish of Knockanure and its vicinity. As far as I can recall only one of the casualties had a relation in the Parish.
PATTERN Day was held in Ballyheigue on Friday September 8th, it being a beautiful day, a big crowd attended, mass was celebrated at the new altar near the well in the morning and a steady stream of prayerful people done the rounds all day, all ages attended, some young men and women not only prayed, blessed themselves and drank well water they also kissed the feet of our Lady's statue.
Ballyheigue Village was congested with all the visitors and many browsed around the sea side car park which was full of vendors who were selling wares of every description both old and new.
BOOK: North Kerry the Magic and the Legend is a new book about to be published; it will be illustrated by well known artist Olive Stack and text by Nora Relihan and Padraig O Concubhair.
CHURCH Street Listowel is now a Mecca for art lovers and readers, after browsing around Church Street head down to St John's and Seanchai where there is always something new of interest.
Sept 28th 06

COMHALTAS Tour of America begins on October 9th , the group of 19 includes local musician and singer Donie Lyons, when Donie reaches Chicago he will follow in the footsteps of his cousin Frank Thornton who spent a lifetime promoting music in America and Chicago, before Frank's time Purcell, who was organist in Listowel was a great collector of Irish music in Chicago.
CENTENARY of the death of the founder of the Missionary Sisters of OLA was marked at Ardfoyle in Cork recently, we all know sisters of the order who spent their life on the missions.
FLOODS: The media give little attention to the aftermath of floods in developing countries; In July tropical storms killed 600 people in South China and nearly 3 million had to leave their homes; In August the strongest typhoon to hit China in 50 years killed 250 and affected 4 million; Monsoon rains in Southern and Western India forced 4.5 million to flee; In Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia floods killed 1,000 people, many lost everything.
TEMPERANCE: Cork Temperance Weekend is on from 6th to 8th of October, it will mark the 150th anniversary of the death of Fr. Mathew and the birth of Matt Talbot. Pioneer Rally in Cork on Sunday October 8th, details from 087 641 5436.
The Hanley Centre in Dun Laoghaire, phone 01 2809 795: Reports that 175,000 people in Ireland are classified as problem drinkers and they directly affect 1,750,000 others. Alcoholics Anonymous can be contacted at 066 7128 720.
JAILS: 13 million people pass through American jails every year their present prison population is 2.2 million.
HISTORY: The Kerry Examiner for September 1846 contained dire warnings of the impending famine, the paper also reported on many happenings at home and abroad such as the arrival of six million dollars on Saturday; a large number of railway workers have been engaged to proceed to Spain; marriage of the Queen of Spain; the proprietor of this Journal is about to launch a new paper The Weekly Examiner; the life of Sir Thomas More who grew kindly towards everything he touched and the biography of Madame Castellan the charming singer who was born 1821;The ascent of Mount Blanc, thirty one successful assents since 1786, the most remarkable name on the register was a French lady who climbed in 1838; Real Life Romance describes the finding of a girl who was thought to be dead in the company of two Indian women, the young girl had no English and refused to leave the squaw whom she believed was her mother; The Summer assizes of 1780 are memorable this, a protestant lawyer called Curran volunteered counsel for a Roman catholic priest against a Protestant nobleman, Lord Doneraile acted like a ruffian and beat Fr Neale an old priest with a whip; Coroner's inquest into the death of Michael Hennessy of Listowel an army man who died suddenly during a fight in the barracks in Tralee, his brother Michael gave evidence these are just snippets to show that Kerry people were well informed about happenings 110 years ago. Fr John E Fitzmaurice born 1840 at Newtownsandes was appointed Rector of Diocesan Seminary in Erie, USA. September 23rd 1871 four Mercy Sisters left Killarney to establish a new house in Abbeyfeale. Black Book of Limerick records that Abbeyfeale Monastery which was founded in 1188 as a Cistercian Foundation was destroyed by war in 1306. Charles Bianconi born 24th September 1786, by 1857 his cars covered 4,000 miles per day in 22 counties in Ireland.
De Valera opened the 13th Assembly of the League of Nations in Geneva on 26th September 1932. De Valera wanted Russia in the League of Nations in 1934, then in 1946 when Ireland wanted to join the UN Russia opposed and delayed Ireland's entry to the UN till 1955.

Oct 5th 06

FIANNA Fail 70th Ard Fheis will be held at City West Hotel and Conference Centre on Saturday November 4th, Annual Wolfe Tone Commemoration at Bodenstown is on Sunday 22nd October.
HISTORY: Snippets taken from correspondence held at the National Archives on the Temporary Relief Commission which was set up in November 1845 to give relief to distress caused by the potato failure; On 21st October 1845 the Constabulary reports on the state of the potato crop all over Ireland and Patrick Cheevers R.M. of Listowel reports on the potato and grain crop in his district; John Hewson, Ennismore and Maurice Fitzgerald Knight of Kerry sends report to Relief Commission on 3rd December 1845; Robinson of the Office Public Works reports on the potato crop from Killarney to Newcastle West and Listowel to Cork; Edward O Connor of Listowel wrote on 31st January 1846 about the condition of the potatoes; Lord Kenmare writes about the establishment of a relief committee in Listowel on 5th of April 1846; On 20th of April 1846 Maurice O Connor of Tarbert wrote about the establishment of indian corn depot in Ballybunion and the payment of local subscriptions to the central committee in Listowel; Sub Inspector Fletcher of Listowel urges immediate relief on 15th September 1846 as there will be no potatoes in November; List of chairmen and secretaries for Tarbert, Listowel and Lisselton were sent in on 16th November 1846 by the Earl of Kenmare; Fr Darby O Mahony P.P. Listowel sought on 22nd of October 1846 to have one relief district for Listowel and Finuge; from 25th November 1846 to 25th of March 1847 the Listowel committee had been buying 10 to 25 tons of Indian corn each week, last week they have been only able to buy 5 tons, they were inquiring could the government supply the deficit from the Tarbert depot; Richard Hartnett secretary sent in subscription lists and wanted a soup boiler; Thomas Carmody of the Medical Hall, Listowel wanted printed instructions for the use of rice as maize is difficult to get and expensive for most people. St Francis died October 3rd 1226 he was the first recorded stigmata since Christ; Bishop Edmond Fitzmaurice, Bishop of Wilmington presided at the official opening of the Capuchin Novitiate at Wilmington, Delaware on October 11th 1936, the Friars first came to Wilmington in 1931. Bishop Fitzmaurice was born at Moher, Newtownsandes. October 10th 1976 Mrs Corridan Williams won the Nobel Peace Prize. Fr Casey ordained 8th October 1951.
MISSION Alive Week runs from 15th to 22nd of October, it promotes an awareness of the lives and work of missionaries, details from In the latest issue of the Far East is a story about Fr Kelly in Lahore playing Irish music in the company among others was Fr Tommy O Hanlon from Tarbert; A Japanese woman who has spent 30 years on an iron lung shares her thoughts through poetry and essays and a sad picture on the back cover of young men playing football with one leg the other leg blown away by a mine . Antipersonnel Mines cause over 300,000 casualties every year.

GOLDEN Jubilee of the Church of the Assumption Moyvane was celebrated with Bishop Murphy and eleven priests
Concelebrating Mass on Saturday night September 30th 06, apart from a few front seats the church was full of parishioners and their friends and associates. As usual the choir put on a great performance. Fr Pat Ahern a native of Moyvane recounted the opening of the church and remembered Fr Dan O Sullivan in a wheel chair attending, he died within weeks of the opening. Fr Ahern's his first Mass in 1957 in Moyvane was said in Latin with his back to the people. The church cost £60,000. Parishioners, friends from home and abroad contributed, concerts, bazaars, wheel of fortune, carol singing and tickets were sold near and far at various places where crowd used to congregate, such as shows and race meetings, all helped to pay for the church. Moyvane church is another step in the continuation of the church from the ancient one in Murhur to the old church which was near the presbytery and the young in the church today will see their children's children continue the faith. Parish Priests who served since Fr Dan O Sullivan were Fr. Murphy 1956-57, Fr. Lynch 1957 -61, Fr. Fitzpatrick 1961-64, Fr. Mangan 1964-72, Fr. O Brien 1972-80, Fr. O Leary 1980- 98, Fr. Nolan 1998-2001, Fr. Fleming 2001-2003 and our present P.P. Fr. Lucid came in 2003. The first child baptised in the new church was Tom O Connor. First marriage was Mary O Connor and Patrick Keane, first funeral Jimmy Moore. Gabriel Fitzmaurice chairman of the Parish Council thanked all who helped in preparing the church for the occasion and helped with the ceremonies and the refreshments at the Marian Hall. Bishop Murphy cut the anniversary cake and the local ICA and helpers saw to the needs of everyone who wanted tea and cake. Photographs were taken in abundance which will be surely a curiosity in 50 years time. . Priests on the alter included Fr. Lucid, Fr. Shine, Fr. McMahon, Fr. Callaghan, Fr. Ahern, Fr Hickey, Fr O Connor, Fr. O Leary, Fr. Nolan, Canon Fleming, Canon Horgan.
Bishop Murphy is well known in the parish as he spent a short time with his uncle here, following mingling with the crowd at the Marian Hall he had to prepare for the Lyrecrompane anniversary on the following day Sunday October 1st 06. Fr Tom Hickey came to the Parish forty years ago and the following year he produced plays with The Plain Players Drama Group which travelled the country including the Abbey over the following years.Fr Michael O Leary was a pair of steady hands in the Parish and his talk at the many creamery socials he attended had many unexpected turn of phrases, Fr Joe Nolan was with us on the special year 2000 when the Boro and the Cross was published; he planned the walk from the Old Churchyard, to the church in Knockanure, Ahavoher graveyard on to Murhur Churchyard and finished in Moyvane Church, during Fr Michael Flemings time a great effort was made to clean up and improve the parish graveyards.
Watch out for local websites for photos and comments about the celebrations.

Oct 12th 06

HISTORY: In October 1776 Arthur Young was in Tarbert. Society of United Irishmen was founded in Belfast on 18th October 1791. October 15th 1941 the mass deportation of German Jews to Eastern Europe began. 16th October 1956 German war criminals hanged.
Sample of Newtownsandes natives who went to Boston: Catherine Buckley went in 1923 aged 22years; Nora Carr in 1923 aged 22; Mary Collins in 1923 aged 18; Stp. Collins 1923 aged 22;Wm Collins in 1910 aged 28; John Conway 1900 aged 26; Han Enright 1907 aged 28; John Fitzmaurice in 1903 aged 24; Bridget Flaherty in 1902 aged 19; Liz Flaherty in 1902 aged 18; Ann Hanrahan in 1895 aged 23; John Heffernan in 1913 aged 22; Mary Hanrahan in 1908 aged 20; Liz Keating in 1930 aged 23; Bill Kiely in 1900 aged 27; Han Mahony in 1923 aged 24; Jim Mahony in 1923 aged 24; Liz Mahony in 1902 aged 20; Mce Mahony in 1902 aged 23; Roger McGrath in 1901 aged 19; Joe McMahon in 1923 aged 21; liz O Brien in 1907 aged 22; Kate O Brien in 1901 aged 18; Nora ? O Sullivan in 1926 aged 10; John Sullivan in 1928 aged 25; John Sullivan in 1929 aged 27; Jim Thornton in 1923 aged 21 and Mary Thornton in 1923 aged 23.

SCOUTING in Ireland a book by Fr J. Anthony Gaughan was published recently and is full of information on the scouting movement. The scouts organised a pilgrimage to Rome in 1934 2,000 joined it; during archbishops McQuaid's time in Dublin the scout numbers doubled; 500 scouts from Ireland and Europe came to Listowel in 1948 and scouting Ireland in 2004 had a membership of 30,725.

BEST Wishes to Fintan Quirke of Kilmorna who has retired from the Bank of Ireland in Abbeyfeale after working there for forty four years, his grandfather started in the same job in 1907 and since then the position was in the family. Fintan's uncles Paddy and Ger were in the AIB Abbeyfeale for 37 years between them.

MISSION Alive Week this year is from 15th to 22nd of October, week of action offering welcome to newcomers in our community. Working together in Developing World workshop and exhibition will be held at the Silver Springs Hotel, Cork from 19th to 20th of October, and Mission Sunday is on October 22nd. Emigrant Sunday October 8th: In Ireland today we have 150,000 people from Poland, 60,000 from China and 25,000 from the United Kingdom to mention people from a few countries.

OCT 19th 06
HISTORY: Ibn Khaldun born in Tunis in 1332, died in Cairo in 1406, he was an Arab historian, scholar and thinker, the Black Death took away most of his family when he was 17, for various reasons he was on the move all the time, he believed that moral decadence to be one of the great threats to civilisation, 195 copies of his books survive, an exhibition marking the 600th anniversary of his death is now on view at the Royal Palace in Seville, part of the catalogue can be viewed at Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated 25 years ago. 50,000 students and workers marched on the Hungarian Parliament on 23rd of October 1956, during the rising 25,000 died and 200,000 left the country after its suppression. Kerry Champion of October 3rd 1936 reprinted an article from the Kerry Post May 6th 1891 on the convict hangman who went on strike, among these hanged in Spring of 1809 were John Walsh a deserter for the murder of Thomas Ellio


Tidy Towns 2002

"Caring for our environment"


County : KERRY

Category : A


Date of Adjudication : 02-07-2002



Mark Awarded


Mark Awarded


Overall Developmental Approach Max 50 in 2002 =32 in 2001= 31

The Built Environment 40 25 25

Landscaping 40 26 24

Wildlife and Natural Amenities 30 17 17

Litter Control 40 24 24

Tidiness 20 14 14

Residential Areas 30 20 20

Roads, Streets and Back Areas 40 22 20

General Impression 10 6 6

TOTAL MARK 300 awarder in 2002 =186 awarded marks in 2001= 181

Knockanure, County Kerry


Knockanure is very welcome to the 2002 Tidy Towns

Competition. Thank you for your submission this year. The

village enjoys a rural setting amongst low hills and lush

countryside. Scenic views of the surrounding countryside are

a pleasant feature of Knockanure. We note with interest the

details of your planned work programme and wish you well in

its implementation.


Most buildings are presented to a high standard and the

church with its bell tower was particularly admired, the

addition of appropriate wrought iron handrails will enhance

this area further. Flynn's Bar, as usual, is well presented, the

‘Guinness' sign is acceptable but the ‘Harp' sign is outdated

and should be removed or, at a minimum, should be

maintained clean. We look forward to the appropriate

redevelopment of the old national school on the eastern road.

Some buildings need to be painted to freshen their

appearance and, as you are aware, the workshop/garage in

the village centre at the beginning of the cul-de-sac road looks

quite bad, we wish you well in overcoming this problem.


The village has a fine collection of mature, semi-mature and

young trees. Healthy high and low hedgerow have been

noted also and indeed the new hedgerow from the sports

grounds towards the village is establishing itself well. Newly

planted trees in the church carpark and elsewhere including

school grounds will provide a valuable heritage for future

generations. The grotto looks especially well and the stone

work here was admired. The rose display at the nameplate at

the northern entrance to the village was in full bloom during



We are happy that you are pleased with the new handbook

and that you will use this as a source of ideas for an

appropriate project under this heading. Of particular interest

might be the new Neighbourwood Scheme. This might be an

appropriate project for you to undertake. We look forward to a

survey of the wildlife of the area and having the details of

these in your submissions in future years. Local walks,

including nature walks, should be identified and signposted

from the village.


Litter control is good, the village was litter free during

adjudication. We note with interest your encouragement to

households and the local school to keep litter in check. Do

keep us informed of your litter management strategies as

these can earn you valuable additional marks also.


Tidiness is quite good in the village with the exception of the

old school, as mentioned above, and the workshop / garage in

the village centre.


The majority of residential properties are nicely presented.

Congratulations on the increase in your housing stock since

last year and in your efforts to incorporate new residents into

the Tidy Towns effort. Some properties need to be painted to

freshen their appearance and many boundary walls could be

cleaned or painted also. Encourage householders to pay

particular attention to the roadside areas to their boundary

walls, in many cases these are weedy and rough in

appearance. Do try to achieve a consistency having all either

hard surfaced or grassed.


Road surfaces in the village are quite poor, no doubt this

problem will be addressed over the coming years. Do make

representations to the council regarding the ducting of cables

during the course of resurfacing. This will enable you to

provide street lighting on attractive lampstandards. Some

signs need to be refurbished, for example the speed limit sign

on the eastern approach road. In some cases field

boundaries could be better shaped. Grass cuttings ideally

should be removed rather than left along the roadside as they

look unattractive as they mature. They also enrich the earth

and hinder the growth of wildflowers.


The overall impression of Knockanure is favourable, however

a little more attention to detail is necessary. We wish you well

in the implementation of your plan and look forward to many

repeat visits. Thank you for your participation.