Munster U-20 and All-American title holder Shane Brosnan with his dad Séamus (left) his grand-dad and An Ríocht AC founder memeber, Denis Brosnan and fellow club founder member, Denis McSweeney at An Ríocht AC. ©Photograph: John Reidy




It’s in the field of local athletics that we find one of the finest examples of the seanfhocal ‘briseann an dúchas trí shúile an chait.’




Shane Brosnan, age 16, is the son of Castleisland native, Seamus Brosnan. He lives in West Orange, New Jersey and runs with his local Union Catholic High School there.




He’s a junior in High School – the Irish equivalent of fifth year and will be a senior in sixth year come September.




Meet of Champions




In the USA, the high school students from 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th year all run against each other regardless of age.




He came third in the 1600M in NJ state Meet of Champions in June with an impressive time of 4:09, which is the equivalent of a 3:51 1500M.




Later that day he ran with his school relay team and won the NJ state championship.




He qualified for the USA Nationals and ran on the same track as the USA Olympic Trials at Hayward Stadium in Oregon.




All American Title




They came third in the relay and Shane was given the prestigious title of All American in doing so.  His individual ranking in the 1600M places him in the top 11 juniors in the USA.




He also has run a 1:55 in the 800M. What’s more impressive and hopeful is that he will be running all the same high school races again next season.




And the briseann an dúchas bit is revealed in the fact that Shane is a member of An Riocht Athletic Club – a facility which was co-founded by his grandfather, Denis Brosnan.




First Race for An Ríocht




While recently on holiday in Ireland, Shane ran his first official race for An Riocht, and in doing so won the Munster U-20s in the 3000M.




Hopefully, this will be the first of many races in an An Riocht/Irish jersey.




Shane and dad Séamus and grand-dad Denis were joined by another An Ríocht AC founder member, Denis McSweeney for a unique photograph with Munster and All-American medals dangling from Shane’s neck.




The Tokyo Connection




His coach in the US, Mike McCabe, coached Sydney McLoughlin when she competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics when she was just a junior in the high school.




In Tokyo last week, she won the women’s 400M hurdles and in doing so broke the World Record.




Good man Shane. Briseann an dúchas.














It’s all hands on deck for the battle in Georgia




- Fr. Frank Pavone Unsubscribe




3:07 PM (3 hours ago)




to me




The Election isn’t over!




December 8, 2020




J G,




(Thank you for your support of Priests for Life. If you already responded to the following appeal online, I appreciate your support. This email is intended for those who did not respond when we sent it previously.)




Your immediate and generous help is urgently needed.




The Right to Life and religious freedom are on the line.  The two special Senate elections taking place in Georgia right now will decide those two vital issues.




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Priests for Life needs to raise $400,000 in the next two weeks.  The reason why is because the 2020 election isn’t over.




Aside from the fact that the Presidential race is far from settled, there are two other critical battles still to fight.




I’ve already written and told you about them.  They are the fights for Georgia’s two seats in the U.S. Senate.




The Left is pouring BILLIONS of dollars into these two elections.  They are going all out to win them because they hope to give the radical Godless Left complete control of the government:  White House and Congress and the federal courts.




As I’ve told you in prior emails Priests for Life is going all out to stop them.  We’ve moved the focus of our “Political Responsibility” operation to Georgia in a last-ditch effort to keep the heralds of the culture of death from unleashing a wholesale slaughter of our unborn brothers and sisters.




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And while the actual day of the two Georgia Senate elections is scheduled for January 5, people are already requesting absentee ballots, and early voting begins December 14.  Residents have until December 7 to register to vote.  So Priests for Life is working hard right now to make sure all pro-life Georgians are registered to vote.




Once that December 7 deadline passes we will shift our efforts to making sure the people of Georgia know where the candidates stand on the two key issues of religious freedom and the right to life.




We’re doing so because the outcome of these two special elections will determine control of the Senate.  And since the pro-abortion forces already control the House, if they take these final two races they will have total control of Congress.




To maintain a pro-life majority in the U.S. Senate and create a firewall that will protect the youngest members of our human family from those who seek to kill them we need Georgia and a majority of pro-life lawmakers who can thwart the radical, Leftist pro-abortion agenda of the Democrats. 




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As I told you a moment ago, pro-abortion extremists on the Left and in the Democrat Party of Death are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into pro-abortion races in Georgia.




While Priests for Life cannot possibly match them dollar-for-dollar, we’re more than a match for them when it comes to passion and energy and commitment.




But we’ve spent every dollar from our “Political Responsibility” fund in the days and weeks that led up to the November 3 national election.




So I’m sending you this urgent appeal for financial help so Priests for Life has the funds we need to educate and mobilize pro-life voters in Georgia.




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If the forces of darkness win these two Senate battles they will conduct a literal Reign of Terror against the unborn – as well as on those of us in the pro-life movement.  Remember all that they’ve promised to do if they take power:




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- Repeal the Hyde Amendment and force you and all Americans to pay for abortions.




- Expand the number of Supreme Court Justices and fill the new seats with rabid pro-abortion judicial activists.




- Get rid of the filibuster in the Senate so pro-life lawmakers will be unable to block radical pro-abortion measures like:




    The Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance Act.  This bill would force Americans to pay for other’s abortions through health insurance.


    The Women’s Health Protection Act.  This bill would legalize abortion until the moment of birth and prevent states from passing pro-life legislation.


    Requiring state Medicaid programs to cover abortions.


    Attacking the conscience rights of health care workers.


    Restore all federal funding to Planned Parenthood.




And more.




The lives of millions of our unborn brothers and sisters are at stake in these two Georgia special elections.  That said ...




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NOTE:  Priests for Life is the only pro-life organization that has the experience, know-how and credibility to work with members of the clergy effectively and successfully.




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    Send weekly email blasts to 1,000,000 Georgia residents.




And remember the “secret weapon” Priests for Life will unleash on the anti-life forces in Georgia:




Evangelist Alveda King, niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and daughter of Rev. A.D. King.




Alveda serves on the Priests for Life team fulltime as the Director of ‘Civil Rights for the Unborn.”  She lives in Georgia and the people know her and what she represents.  She will remind them how these Senate elections impact the most important civil rights battle raging in America today, namely ...




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The Mob Left and pro-abortion extremist Democrats are already flooding the air waves with false and deceptive TV ads and radio spots.  They are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into Georgia in an attempt to “change America,” in the words of Chuck Schumer.  They’re even urging people to move to Georgia temporarily so they can vote in these two pivotal January 5 elections.




I truly fear for America if the radical pro-abortion extremists in the Democrat Party take control of the Senate.  I am also concerned for those of us who believe in God and the sanctity of human life.




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Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director




Priests for Life








P.S.  This quote from pro-abortion Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is all the motivation you should need to rush Priests for Life your gift today.  Speaking before a rabid crowd of anti-life fanatics a couple weeks ago, Sen. Schumer shouted:




“Now we take Georgia, then we change the world,”




The last thing our unborn brothers and sisters need is for Chuck Schumer and the Party of Death to “change the world.” They’ll destroy it instead. But together we can stop them.  In order to do so Priests for Life needs your immediate and generous financial help.



9 10 2020; Athea United, by Bobby Barrett


Junior soccer returned to the Vales last Sunday with the visit of Abbeyfeale United B to take on our boys in the first round of fixtures in Division 2.


The fixture resulted in a comprehensive victory for the home side, scoring 4 goals and conceding none. Athea’s goals came from Sean Ryan, Darren Murphy, Kevin Murphy and Ronan Hayes. A great start to the season from our junior team which can hopefully culminate with some silverware at the end of the season.


Result: Athea United 4 Abbeyfeale United B 0


Team: Joe Coulsen, Jamie Sheehan, Ger Collins, Padraig Horgan, Ronan Hayes, Sean Ryan, Stephen McEnery, Ger Ahern, Kevin Murphy, Darren Murphy, Cillian O Connor.


Substitutes: James Ryan, Peter O’Connor, Martin Stack, Mark Horgan, Darren Murphy.


Cork Team.

21 Sept 2019;


Newcestown 0-10 Ilen Rovers 0-4


Newcestown have qualified for a first Cork SFC semi-final after battling past Ilen Rovers in difficult conditions at Rosscarbery.


They will face Duhallow or Clonakilty in the semi-final.




Scorers for Newcestown: D Buckley 0-4, D Twomey 0-2 (frees), L Meade, C Dinneen, C Keane, M Kelly 0-1 each.




Scorers for Ilen Rovers: S O’Donovan 0-2 (frees), S Leonard, D Mac Eoin (free) 0-1 each.




NEWCESTOWN: C White; M Kennelly, C Twomey, M McSweeney; G O’Donovan, L Meade, C Dinneen; F Keane, S O’Donovan; C Keane, M Kelly, D Buckley; J Meade, T Twomey, D Twomey.




Subs: E Kelly for Kennelly (6, injured), C O’Neill for M Kelly (51), C Healy for O’Neiill (60, black card), R Bradfield for Buckley (60).




ILEN ROVERS: D O’Sullivan; P Minihane, T O’Regan, D O’Driscoll; T Bushe, D O’Donovan, B Leonard; C O’Driscoll, Peadar O’Driscoll; Peter O’Driscoll, D Collins, D Hegarty; S Leonard, S O’Donovan, D Mac Eoin.




Subs: K O’Sullivan for Hegarty (37), S Minihane for B Leonard (41), J Collins for O’Regan (48), C Harrington for Collins (53), A O’Sullivan for D O’Donovan (54, black card).




Referee: A Long (Argideen Rangers).




Our Team of ’68




This page is especially dedicated to the gallant Athea Senior football team of the mid to late ’60s. They played all through the year of ’68 with the underdog tag, but repeatedly pulled out brilliant performances to bring the coveted senior county title back to the banks of the Gale




North Kerry Championship winners back to 1920



Glin GAA History from Glin Notes.


During the past ten weeks, we have looked back at finals, events, club players, officials and mentors from the past 120 years since Glin GAA club was founded in 1897.  We would hope it provided readers with a deeper insight into the people who have contributed greatly to our club and recalled the names of those relatives, friends and neighbours who’ve created those memories. Perhaps in the future, if the interest is there, we will go back down memory lane once again. In the meantime, if anyone has old Glin GAA photographs, newspaper clippings or match reports, we’d loved to see them. If you would like to take a picture of it and send as private message to our Facebook page, we’d really appreciate it.

In the final part of series, we look at two reports from the not too distant past, concerning the Glin ladies team of the seventies and the ’85 title winning U15 team.


1976 Athea Tournament

In May 1976, a ladies football team was formed in Glin. Interest was high from the start. Glin entered both men’s and women’s competitions for the Athea tournament held in June of that year. The men’s team beat Abbeyfeale, Newcastle West and eventually Carraigkerry in the final.

In their first ever tournament, our ladies acquitted themselves with aplomb. Under the guidance of trainer Mike Sheehy, they recorded notable victories along their way to the final. In that contest, it was the hosts who prevailed, with Athea edging a hugely exciting encounter by a single point. The Glin ladies team was as follows: Anne Normile, Betty Lane, Mary Fitzgerald, Catherine Scanlon, Margaret Sheehy, Margaret Fitzgerald, Jo Anne O’Connor, Mairead Culhane, Breda Holly, Mary O’Sullivan, Teresa Hogan, Kitty Lane, Helen McEvoy, K. Thornton, Mary Donoghue, Mairead Holly, Siobhán Culhane, Gretta Martin.


1985 U15 Football West Final

The under 15 footballers won the West final at Ballyhahill in November 1985. Under the guidance of Johnny Lyons, Henry Sheahan and the late Billy Martin, our fortunes in football and hurling significantly improved during the mid-eighties. The U15s team in that final was: Billy Sweeney, Anthony Scanlon, Mossie Meade, P. Reidy, J. Costello, Donal Sullivan, Peadar O’Loughlin, Michael Lynch, Tommy McNamara (0-1), Joe Danaher, Billy Martin (0-2), Ger Martin, Darren Tabor (2-0), M. Lenihan (3-0), Denis Daly (0-2), Mike Mulvihill, E. Culhane, Kieran Adams.

End Feb 2017

IT’S a big weekend for Moyvane native Sean Walsh as he is one of five candidates bidding to be the new GAA President.


The annual congress of the GAA will be held in Croke Park this weekend and will see him bid to become only the second Kerryman to become Uachtarán of the most powerful sporting body in this island.


The other four candidates are Frank Burke from Galway, Robert Frost from Clare, John Horan from Dublin and Martin Skelly from Longford.


Sean Walsh had a distinguished playing career with his club Moyvane and Feale Rangers with whom he won two senior county football championship medals and held the position of Chairman of his club for a twelve year period.




He was Kerry County Development Officer for ten years and emerged as county Chairman in succession to Sean Kelly in 1998 and held down that position for another ten years.


He was Vice Chairman of the Munster Council before becoming Chairman of the Provincial body in 2010, completing  his three year term last February. He has served on a number of committees in Croke Park


End Feb 2017

SCOR: The children of Murhur National School represented Moyvane GAA in the North Kerry Final of Scor na bPaisti in the Marian Hall on Sunday last. Each participant gave a great performance and when the results were called Moyvane were named North Kerry Champions in 4 categories. To top off a great day Moyvane were also named Overall Best Club for the 3rd year in a row which is a great achievement and the trophy was accepted from Competition Sponsor Liam Hanrahan and North Kerry Board Chairman Johnny Stack by Club Secretary Aine Cronin. The winning acts now go forward to the County Semi Final in Castleisland on Saturday, March 11th at 3.00pm. Moyvane GAA would like to thank Club Cultural Officer Tara Ní Mhaoilmhichill and the Teachers and Coaches in Murhur National School. We hope that each child who put in such hard work during practice knows how proud your Club and School are of you. The Club would also like to congratulate PJ Mulvihill in his first Competition as North Kerry Board Cultural Officer.


The following tribute was composed by former Mungret College student, Johnny Perrem;








Axel, where have you gone?




Your place with us was immense




Still is




Absent without leave








Our penalty and our price to pay




You left your position on the field of life




A gaping hole - in fact bigger than that




Our defences weakened




Perhaps not critically




Our attack without its thrust for now




Our faith in life jarred and shaken




Without you




Your sudden departure




Through that great door




We are down a man




A great great man




A friend








Farewell Axel




Rest as you have earned the prize




Our love travels with you




Now and always




Thanks for the memories




Thank you for being you




You were bigger than life itself




That's how it feels




Rest in Peace.




Johnny Perrem, October 16, 2016





Notes from End April 2015 Newspapers.


Kerry Champion Aug. 12 -1944 ; North Kerry Football League.

 Final of Junior Div. and Semi-Final of the minor competition decided in Ballydonoghue on Sunday last. Small attendance gate was £7.

Cooleens 1-4  defeated Knockanure 0-6 in the final of the North Kerry Junior League. An Gleann Listowel 3-3 beat Ballylongford 2-2 in the semi-final of the minor div. Both games poor. In the minor game Ballylongford led at the interval 2-2 to 0-2. Carroll, Sheahan, O’Connell and Curtin scored for An Gleann. Ballylongford scorers were Weir, Brennan and McGrath. J Boyle was Ref.

Junior game Cooleens led at half time 0-3 to 0-1. Cooleen scorers were Houlihan, Leahy, Costelloe and Jones. Knockanure scorers Leahy and Ahern. Ref. was J Fitzgibbons.




Kerryman 12 July 1985 page  16

Two year saga involving three Duagh senior football players who have been looking for a transfer to Knockanure club has been resolved. The three, John Lane, James Keane and Tom Sullivan, all played senior football for Duagh, three seasons ago. All three played for Knockanure from Juvenile up to Minor Level. Chairman Frank King said transfers were legal. No player should be kept out of competitive football for such a long spell.


Kerryman 4-9-1987 page 13

Knockanure won Div. 3 title last Saturday , they beat St Senans 3-3 to 0-9 in a game played in Duagh, which was said to be very entertaining and if Knockanure keep going they will be favourites for the Junior Championship. St Senans led by five points mid-way in the first half, then Eamon Sweeney got a goal for Knockanure before the break, bringing new life into the game. In the second half the sides were level and time running out when Jim Keane won the match with his goal to the delight of the Knockanure supporters.


Kerryman 28 June 1958 page 10

Juveniles; Knockanure footballers qualified for the next round,  when they beat Klbaha 1-6 to 2-2 in the Parish League. Kilbaha 1-1 to 0-2  at half time. Knockanure best served by J. Lynch, D. O Sullivan, S. Barry (Capt.) T. McCarthy and M. McMahon. Best for Kilbaha, Dalton, Cunningham and Sheehan.


Kerryman 6-2 -2009 p188;

Novice Shield Football Championship on May 9th 2009 Knockanure play Gale Rangers at 7pm.


Kerryman 27 Dec. 2001 p27; Niall Fitzgerald of the Lanterns presented Paudie Keane with the Referee of the championship award at the N K Football awards night.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, April 30, 1999; Page: 68

FOOTBALL; Knockanure play Gale Rangers in the North, Kerry League on Friday evening next at 7.30pm in, Knockanure.


Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, August 08, 1986; Page: 6

KNOCKANURE footballers had a good win in the North Kerry League last weekend. This now puts them safely into the semi-finals of the League. This weekend they play Churchill away in the County League. Training will now be stepped up each Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The next County Board Draw is on August 11 1986. So, all money: for this draw should be with the Secretary, Mairead Flavin this weekend. .PATTERN DAY — The second annual Pattern day since its revival will be held In Knockanure on Friday, August. 15.1986. This meeting, regarded as one of the oldest in Munster.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, May 27, 1977; Page: 5

THE monthly meeting and draw in aid of the Ballylongford G.A.A, Club takes place in the Carmody Hall on this Friday night at 9 o'c sharp. On this Saturday night we play Moyvane in the North Kerry League and on Saturday week we travel to Listry for a county league game.

JUVENILE FOOTBALL ; After their win against Knockanure our under-14 team was held to a draw by Ballydonoghue on Monday night last.





Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, July 04, 1975; Page: 5

FOOTBALL— The Moyvane v. Tarbert game here last Friday evening never came up to expectations. Yet with not more than four points between them for most of the second half it held interest throughout. A great goal by Moyvane in the very last minute caused a stir among the attendance but was too late to add real life to the game, which Moyvane lost by just that one point.




Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, July 10, 1987; Page: 5

GLIN NOTES: GAA: Our footballers have been busy during the week with the seniors losing to Ballyhahill and beating Athea while the novices are still unbeaten following their 6 points victory over Knockanure. The minor! footballers hammered Mountcollins. This Saturday evening the seniors play Adare in the first round of the Co. C'ship in Askeaton.

FOOTBALL Moyvane—Our footballers had mixed fortunes over the week-end. The juniors beat Ballydonoghue 2-6 to 1-4 but the seniors lost to Desmonds 1-6 to 2-6. Knockanure had a very interesting game with Asdee. Knockanure won 2-1 to 0-4





Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, May 16, 1986; Page: 6

On Saturday evening last the senior footballers drew with Knockanure in the Novice Championship. The final score was Brick Rangers 2-7, Knockanure 1-10.




Kerry Weekly Reporter 1883-1920, Saturday, July 28, 1900; Page: 2


Three matches in connection With the first ties for the county championship were down for discussion at Tralee on Sunday Castleisland v Firies (football), Ballyduff v. ODorney (hurling), and Clahane v. Knockanure (football).

FOOTBALL. KNOCKANURE v. CLAHANE. Clahane won choice of sides, and played with a slight breeze. During the first half hour play was of an even character, and the half, time whistle left the score thus: — Clahane, 4 points Knockanure, 3points in the second half Knockanure proved their superiority, and gradually added to their score. The Clahane lines were hard pressed for the greater portion of the time, and their goal keeper was suspended by the referee (Mr Moynihan). The offender, however, ignored the referee's ruling, and insisted on remaining at his post, saving two goals. The referee allowed both to the opposing team, and the result of the match was declared as follows Knockanure, 2 goals and 10 points Clahane, . 4 points The beaten team lodged an objection to the ruling of the Referee with reference to the two goals, and another as to the constitution of the

Knockanure team, on the ground that they had picked men who had previously played with Castleisland against Firies.

The teams were: — Knockanure: Messrs T Leahy (captain), P. O'Connor, M 0 Connor, J Ahern, M J O'Connor, N Mulvihill, W Keane, B O'Connor, D Kennelly, M O'Connor, J Murphy, W Murphy, P Scanlan, M .Stack. S Kelly, N Stack and J O'Connor.

Clahane: Messrs T Hassett (captain), T Sugrue,C O Connor, T Griffin, R Rahilly, P O'Donnell. M Driscoll, J Mahony, D Mahony, J Connor, P Sugrue, M O'Brien, J Lovett, C Daly, D Devane, M Sweeney, J. J. Barrett.

Messrs Leahy, Kennelly, N Stack and J Ahern did good work for the victors, while Clahane received good support from Messrs Hassett, P Sugrue,  Daly and O'Connor.





Kerry Sentinel 1878-1916, Saturday, March 29, 1902; Page: 3

At the meeting of the County Board to-day further draws in connection with the County Championships will probably be made.

The County Championship matches played in Listowel on Sunday week between Tralee and Knockanure (football), and Lixnaw and Causeway (hurling) appear to have been one-sided affairs, Tralee' arid Lixnaw defeating their opponents much as they liked. The Knockanure men seem to have had no practice, and were unfortunate in being drawn against such a team as Tralee. This, however, could not be avoided, as there was no other football club in North Kerry. Causeway played short-handed, and cut a miserable figure looking for Hurley’s an hour and a half after the game was registered to start. Can anything be sillier than to see a hurling team travelling without Hurley’s ?






Kerryman 7- 4 -1962 page 20.

FOOTBALL MEETING Draw made for the Parish  League as follows—Murhur v Kilbaha, Ref. Bernard O Callaghan. The Village v Leitrim referee P Hanrahan. Dates are to be fixed on Monday night. A committee of three members will decide on matters concerning parish league matches was formed and are Fr Griffin, Jerry Brosnan and James F Nolan

FORMER SECRETARY Sympathy is tendered to Mr. Wm. Finucane on the death of his brother. Wm, Finucane was for a number of years secretary of the Knockanure football club. The death took place of Mrs. J. Collins, Tarmons, A large number were present at 'the funeral.



Kerry Sentinel 1878-1916, Saturday, March 03, 1900; Page: 3



On Sunday last the second of a series of contests in connection with the Listowel Football and Hurling Tournament, organised by the Sports Field Committee, came off in the Sports Field, and were witnessed by a large concourse of people. The day was beautifully fine, and having regard to the bad weather experienced during the preceding fortnight, the ground was in fairly good condition, and did not to any appreciable extent militate against fast play. The best of order was preserved throughout, and the matches were played in the friendliest spirit. The teams which tried conclusions were Templeglantine v. Tarbert, and Knockanure v. Duagh, both football contests. In the first match the result was a decided surprise to those who were familiar with the form of both teams, but though the score would seem to indicate that the play was of a one-sided description, the Tarbert men kept their opponents busy until the referee's whistle announced the cessation of hostilities. Everyone expected that the second contest would be a very tame affair, but the result did not at all justify the contest. On the contrary, the game was of the most interesting character, and the play of the most spirited and even description. Duagh should undoubtedly have won, judging from the superiority they displayed during the first half-hour, but on change of sides Knockanure succeeded in registering a goal, about which there was a good deal of controversy, and at once affairs began to assume a different aspect. Both matches were refereed by Mr. Thomas F. O'Sullivan, Listowel F.C. Details :—



Play commenced at two o'clock, the Owen Roes winning choice of sides. They at once took possession of the leather, and within a minute after the ball was put in motion succeeded in rushing through their opponents' defences, which were not of a very stubborn character, and scored a goal. On the kick out the Tarbert men carried the ball to the opposite extremity, and for a time the Templeglantine backs were bard pressed, but ultimately the tension was relieved, and the play changed to the opposite territory and a point scored. Within two minutes the Owen Roes had annexed two additional minors. Then their opponents took up the running, and after some excellent play, owing chiefly to the exertions of M’Gee a point was scored, to which two others were added within five minutes. Again the Owen Roes asserted themselves, and before half time was called registered another minor, leaving the play :

Templeglantine—1 goal 4 points.

Tarbert—3 points.

On the resumption of play Templeglantine again succeeded in securing the first score, a point, to which they added another within three minutes. For the next ten minutes the play was of a very even description, and it appeared that Tarbert would still succeed in regaining lost ground, but again the Owen Roes attacked vigorously, and scored three points in succession. A few minutes before the call of time the Tarbert men pulled themselves together, and added a point to their score, and kept attacking almost until the whistle blew,

when the final score:

Templeglantine—1 goal and 10 points (13 points). _Tarbert—4 points (1 goal and 1 point).

The following were the teams—Templeglantine—W Dee (capt); P O'Donohue, M Dee, W King, M King, J Roche, D. Collins, D Lyons, J Riordan, J Reidy, D M'Enery, M Breen, M Harnett, M Flynn, N Dore, M Dunworth.

Tarbert—J Moloney (capt), J Mulvihill, Wm Curtin, J  Carrig, D Wren, J Wren, E Moriarty, J Lynch, M Lynch, C  M'Gee, M Scanlon, D Holly, P Holly, J Sullivan, G Sullivan, P Moore, and Wm Jones.



During the first half Duagh demonstrated their superiority by scoring four points as against two registered for their opponents during the second half the play could not possibly be of a more even description. The leather was actively oscillating from one end of the field to the other, and the play was of the fastest description. At last, however, the Knockanure men succeeded by a very stubborn fight in scoring a goal, which was however disputed by their 'opponents. During the remaining portion of the play no score was registered.  The final score was : Knockanure 1 goal 2 points (5 points.) Duagh points (1 goal 1 point).

 The teams were—Knockanure—T L Leahy (capt),P O'Connor, M O'Connor, P. O'Connor, S Kelly, J Kennery, J. Fitzmaurice, M. Stack, W Keane, B. O'Connor, and P. Scanlan.


Duagh—J Corridan (capt), J. Horgan, M Stack, D Flynn, P Stack, M Scanlan, M Corridan, J Corridan, C O'Donnell, T O'Brien, J O'Grady, John Horgan, P Sheehy, M Corridan, P O'Connor, J Maher, and J Sheehy.



Irish Examiner 1841-1959, Wednesday, February 05, 1902; Page: 7

Kerry County Board Meeting

Mr J P O'Sullivan. president, presided. Present—Messrs T I1' O'Sullivan, sec; J O’Connell. treasurer: M Moynihan, J A Hanafin. E Hanafin, T Slattery, U D C; W O'Connell. T T O'Connor. F F Shanahan. Mr Frank Gloster was present. on behalf of the Firies Football Club, and Mr Michael Hurley attended on behalf of the Ardfert Hurling Club. A long discussion took place on Mr. T A Hanafin's motion that the final in football between Tralee and Firies for the O'Connell Ale Cup be played on neutral ground.

Ultimately the majority of those present decided to adhere to the resolution on the books that all finals be played in Tralee, especially as no gate could be had elsewhere and as the cup was given in aid of the funds of the '98 memorial.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted: That owing to the unfair treatment which we have received at the hands of the Great Southern and Western Railway Company in the matter of guarantees, we have to alter the draws in connection with the county championships.

The draws were then proceeded with, and in pursuance of the foregoing resolution Cahirciveen and Valentia were drawn to

play at Reenard on Sunday, 16th February 1902, it being found impracticable to arrange to bring Milltown and Cahirciveen together to finish the match between them, which lapsed owing to the bursting of the ball ten minutes before call of time. Miltown v. Keel was fixed for Killorglin on Sunday, 23rd February. Mr E Sheehan, Killorglin, will referee both matches. Brosna v. Currans was fixed for Castleisland for Sunday, 9th February, Mr T T O'Connor to act as referee. The Chairman proposed , Mr J O'Connell seconded that the matches Tralee v Knockanure (football) and Lixnaw v Causeway (hurling) be played at Listowel. The Secretary (Mr T F O'Sullivan) explained that the Listowel team were trying to wring terms from the Listowel Sports Field Committee, on which the pro-British clement dominated, and moved that the matches be not fixed for the present. Another animated discussion followed, the chairman and Mr J O'Connell arguing that it was not fair to Listowel that the matches should not come off there, while Mr Moynihan assisted Mr O'Sullivan in his fight against, the pro-British element. Ultimately the amendment, that the matches be postponed was carried by 5 votes to 3. The voting was: For postponing—Messrs W O’Connell, E Hanafin. ML Moynihan, T T O'Connor and T F O'Sullivan. For 'bringing off the Matches at Listowel —The chairman, Mr J O'Connor and Mr J A Hanafin. The Chairman handed in notice that the meetings of the Board be held fortnightly in future. The proceedings then terminated. .



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, April 22, 1988; Page: 10

BRICK RANGERS — The Brick Rangers Senior footballers beat Knockanure last Saturday evening. They won by 4-11 to 1-3.


31 May 1974 Kerryman

Athea Carnival ran from June 2nd to 16th 1974

SUNDAY, 2nd, 2 p.m.: Feis, Hickey School of Dancing; 8 p.m.: Official 'Opening with Kilcoleman School Band; Junior Football 'Tournament: Knockanure v Mountcollins .Dance: THE CALIFORNIA BRAKEMEN.


Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, February 01, 1958; Page: 12

EMIGRATED Miss Peg Scanlon and Mr. Patrick. Scanlon, Trien, Kilmorna , left Shannon Airport last Saturday night for New York. Patrick played football with both Knockanure and Moyvane football clubs



Kerryman North Edition, Thursday, April 07, 2005; Section: Tralee

The late Dan Joe Murphy,1958–2005, born on October 9, 1958 to Ned and Janie Murphy. Dan Joe worked in forestry for many years

he was very active with Duagh GAA Club with whom he played.

He was a winning selector with recent minor and under 21 teams. He had also recently become manager of the Duagh junior team and played with Knockanure football team.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, May 24, 1991; Page: 11

GAA: Knockanure footballers had mixed fortunes with a loss in the county league and a good win in North Kerry. On both occasions Knockanure were the better team. Knockanure v Tarbert this weekend. Preparations are now going ahead for a table quiz run by the club.

ATHLETICS: The following is a list of the prize-winners of Moyvane AC at the County Championships.

Girls: F. Roche, E. Leahy, Leonie Fitzmaurice, Helena Walsh, Joann Flaherty, M. Cunningham, B. Kissane, Julia Mulvihill, M. Stokes, S. Lynch, E. Linehan, K. Shanahan, S. Twomey, E. Twomey.

Boys: D. Hanrahan, J. Mulvihill, B. Kearney, T. Flaherty, A. Kearney, G. Roche, P. Shanahan, S. Linehan, D. McCarthy, P. Flavin, M. O'Sullivan, J. Stokes, J. Horan.

At the North Munster Colleges in Limerick on Sunday John Horan won the senior walk and Joseph Stokes was second in the junior / senior walk. They now go forward to the Munster Colleges in Cork this weekend.

At Ballycashen sports Olivia Muivihill, Melissa Dalton, Declan Dalton and Martin Dalton won trophies.

On this Sunday at 1pm there will be races for the under 8s, 9s and 10s in Tralee. Details will be given at training.




Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, February 10, 1973; Page: 4

KNOCKANURE GAA — At a well-attended meeting 'in the Recreation Centre it was decided to revive the home football club.

Very Rev. Fr . O'Brien. P.P., congratulated the youth on their wonderful attendance and enthusiasm in reviving the Knockanure football club and wished them every success with the club and on the playing field. - A social to raise funds is to be held, on March 2 and Sean McMahon is to be complimented by the youth of the club on coming back  to training after being retired for the past ten years. At a well attended meeting held, in the Recreation Centre on February 4, 1973 it was decided to revive the Knockanure Football. Club and the following  officers were elected: president. 'Very Rev. Fr. W. O'Brien P.P.; vice do., Rev. Fr. B. Fitzgerald . C.C.; chairman, Mr. Wm. Finucane; vice do., Mr. Sean McMahon; secretary. Mr. Mce. Collins; treasurer. Mr. Ptk. O'Dowd Delegates to North Kerry Board, Messrs.  Wm. Stack, Sean McMahon Selectors: -Messrs. Thomas Flavin, W Finucane. P. O'Dowd, W . Stack, S. McMahon; captain. Sean McMahon; vice do., M. O'Connor. Committee: Messrs. J. Finucane. T Flavin, W. J. Leahy, M. Collins Con Lane, B. Stack, W. Bambury and, Larry Hartnett.

CCE  "Seisiun" competition held last Friday night between Knockanure (at home) and Duagh, which was followed by a ceili proved both very exciting and entertaining. Both groups put on very good shows but Knockanure emerged victorious by a narrow margin. They now go on to meet Lixnaw at a later date.


Kerry Sentinel 1878-1916, Saturday, August 18, 1900; Page: 3


On Sunday next the following important matches in connection with the County Championships will be played in Tralee :— Killarney v. Listowel (football), Lixnaw v. Kilmoily (hurling), and Knockanure v. Clahane (football). The proceeds of the gate will be forwarded to the Wolfe Tone Memorial Committee. The matches, which are certain to be very closely contested, should attract widespread attention. On the same date Cahirciveen and Valentiaa will play at Cahirciveen, when Mr J A Hanafin will act as referee.

It should be one of the dearest aims-and objects of every right-thinking Irishman to assist in raising a fitting monument to the memory, of Wolfe Tone and the other martyr patriots of '98. It is more than two years ago since, in the presence of a surging host of Irishmen and women, the foundation stone of the monument was laid in Dublin, and yet the greater portion of the necessary funds remain to be collected. The Gaels and Nationalists generally of the Kingdom will have an opportunity to-morrow of showing in a small way their practical sympathy with the movement by attending at the Tralee Sports Field to witness the County Championships. By doing so they will be assisting a patriotic work, and at the same time they will have the pleasure of seeing some fine expositions of Gaelic pastimes.

For the information of players we give to-day important extracts from the Official Guide published by the Central Council of the G.A.A. ~ If the players make themselves familiar with the subjoined rules there will be less trouble for referees and for everybody else concerned in future.




Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, November 29, 1958; Page: 14



The Knockanure football club hold their annual ceili in the Enterprise Hall, Athea on Friday night. Music is by Sonny Lyons Band.

BAZAAR: The annual bazaar and sale of

.work, in aid of the church building fund, begins on November 30 and ends with the drawing of prizes on December' 8. 1958

This sale, which has been a pronounced success in past years, again offers the general public another opportunity of purchasing Christmas goods at very, tempting prices.


Very artistic Christmas cards marked  From , Moyvane" and showing a picture of the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption are on sale here this Christmas. Behind the idea is an enterprising group from Asdee whose object is to help send greetings in a Christian way from Kerry hills to our exiles.



Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, August 05, 1933; Page: 17

North Kerry Football League; MATCHES AT KNOCKANURE.

Newtown and Craughdarrig; Gather the Points.

In weather conditions, that were totally unsuitable for football, the North Kerry League was advanced a further stage at Knockanure on Sunday last.

A strong gale swept across the field while rain at intervals made the lot of the players and spectators anything but a happy one  and at times the side-lines were deserted, onlookers scudding to the shelter of nearby fences from particularly heavy blasts of rain.

The standard of football, as is only natural under such conditions, was not of the best, a good deal of miskicking and misfielding robbed the games of interest.

It was generally expected that the Thomas Ashe-Newtown match would be a thriller, but at no time did the game rise to anything beyond mediocrity.

Conditions already refered to and the smallness of the pitch were doubtless responsible for this There was a good deal of bunching in which the lighter Thomas Ashe side were the worst sufferers, and the mote hefty Newtown men always had the measure of their younger opponents who were never at home with the heavy sod and greasy ball.

Con Brosnan reappeared for Newtown, filling the full-back position, in which he gave a sound display. W. Guerin on the other side was not as sound as usual in fact there was a general looseness in the Thomas Ashe back line, which accounted for the high Newtown score.


In the second match Craughdarrig always had the measure of Knockanure and were easy winners in the end. Jack Walsh was ,a tower of strength in the winning defence, while Jack Moriarty, who played in the Kerry-Louth games of 1913. appeared in the winners forward line.


Newtown were first away but Lynch and Guerin cleared for the Ashe’s to go forward Cotter making ground on the wing and defensive work of Brosnan nullified the effort, and Flavin let Newtown away but Reidy broke up the movement Thomas Ashes worked downfield to Cotter to open the scoring with a point. Play was fast hereabouts, Newtown having slightly the better of the exchanges. Mahony from a free, levelled the score-, and Mulvihill put the them in the lead with a minor soon after. Newtown attacked, Sullivan, McMahon. and Guerin being hard pressed to stave off the danger to their posts. Temporary relief, however, only came their way  Newtown coming , for Josie Enright to lift between  the uprights. on Mulvihill added a further point before Thomas Ashe broke away to  a chance of a goal, the goalie just clearing away Thomas Ashes had the best of the play hereabouts, but again poor finishing lost them a certain score. Newtown broke away. Flavin, Mahony and Enright being prominent, that side going further ahead to the tune of a point Rallying well the Thomas Ashe went away on the right, Johnny Lynch getting a score . half Time

Newtown 5 points.Thos. Ashes—2 points.


The play was resumed in a downpour, in which good football was impossible Thomas Ashes went away and got a point. Newtown worked downfield but  W. Guerin and Reidy held them up. Play transferred to other end where Maher scored levelling again.

They were level for some time then Newtown found a footing in Thomas Ashes territary, Mahony crashing under the bar to put his side ahead again. From this to the end, Thomas Ashes were mainly on the defensive. Guerin, Reidy, OSullivan and McMahon fighting  every inch of the way, but the better combination of Newtown enabled that side to draw away and they eventually ran out winners

Newtown—3 goals 9 pts.

Thos Ashes—2 goals 2 pts.

Mr. Sean Coughlan, Craughdarrig; F.C.. refereed.



Conditions were no whit better when the team took the field

Craughdarrig won the toss, and. playing with the gale. Were early on the attack to go over. Two frees went for nothing for , Moriarty, with the second hit the  cross bar, for the ball to rebound into play. Bad forward work lost Craughdarrig a couple of scores before Jack Walsh opened the account with a long punt. Returning to the attack Craughdarrig swarmed round the Knockanure posts, Buckley finishing with a goal. W. Boyle next kicked three points in succession, and Jack Walsh , from a free, kicked a minor, before Knockanure broke away, to be met with solid defence in, R Kissane, W. Finucane, D. Walsh. and Kennedy were prominent. Craughdarrig were again on the offensive, W. Boyle kicked a point from far out swarming in again Buckley goaled for same side. Half-time

_Craughdarrig 2—6; Knockanure . 0-0


Assisted by the breeze, Knockanure were  early on the attain to force a pair of "50's" which, however, went for nought Coming in again a free in a good position enabled the locals to score a goal. Leahy and Stokes were prominent in a good Knockanure rally which ended in that side raising the white flag, a Iong ball hopping over the cross-bar. Dillon, Kissane and Walsh helped Craughdarrig to make ground, W. Boyle finishing up by kicking a lovely point. From this to the call of time there was no further scoring, Craughdarrig winning on the score.


From John Murphy;

Knockanure Football 1934.

Knockanure Football Team in 1934 reached the final in Division 2 of the North Kerry Championship . The failed to take the field in time to play the final in Asdee. Their transport a Lorry from Athea Failed to pick them up in Knockanure.So they made a dash for Asdee in lashing rain by Trap Car and Bicycles .When they arrived in Asdee late the match was already awarded to Craughdarrig .

The team included Jack Carroll.Pat Joe Stokes, Ned Scanlon, Davy O Connor, Patsy O Connor, Jack Stokes, Ned Murphy, Fr Jim Leahy, Fr John Connor, [Islandanny] Fr John Connor Keylod, Bill Buckley, Fr Morgan O Connor Rathoran, Pat Joe Stack, Jack Nash, John Murphy. Subs Jerry Carroll, Tom Scanlon, Matt Dillon, Micky Connor, Billeen Connell.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, February 20, 1987; Page: 21


KNOCKANURE won the North. Kerry Junior Championship in Finuge on. Sunday last when they defeated Brosna 'B' by a point (0-7 to 0-6). This was another exciting game and. both teams produced some excellent patches of football.

John Looney of Knockanure was a deserving winner of the man of the match award. As long as we have matches like last Sunday's final the future of the game is very bright.



Kerryman North Edition, Thursday, April 14, 2005; Section: Sport

Goals help Knockanure to lift the Murphy Cup football title


Played at Shannon Park, Tarbert on Sunday morning, Knockanure were crowned Murphy Cup winners after their hard-earned victory over Gale Rangers in a cracking contest played before a most disappointing attendance.

However, those that did turn up were treated to a good game of football, with the result hanging in the balance up to the sound of the final whistle. The 2003 champions Gale Rangers trailed for most of the game, but on saying that, were never too far off the mark, and were guilty of spoiling some fine approach work with very poor finishing.

In fact, the game could so easily have ended in a draw as the Rangers missed a great goal chance in the final minute. However, Knockanure, even though they were also often off target, they got the scores at the right time when Gale Rangers looked as if they would take over.

I suppose too the winners had plenty of experienced players in their squad and they stood out when danger threatened. Patsy Lane, who had a battle royal with Rangers corner-back Paddy Barry, laid on the perfect ball for his fellow forwards, while outside him Ritchie Stack was also a thorn in the Rangers defence.

Thomas Kennelly, Dan Nolan, Mike Lynch, Paudie Flavin, and my man of the match Michael Woods were others to impress.

For Gale Rangers, their best player was full-back Jer Driscoll while the Kelly brothers, Joe McElligott, Des Daly, Chris Bentley and Joe Hanlon couldn’t be faulted for their efforts.

Gale Rangers opened the scoring with a Joe McElligott point but, in the tenth minute, Knockanure’s Pat O’Sullivan got on the end of a ball that came off the crossbar and fisted to the net.

Des Daly quickly replied with a Rangers point but Ritchie Stack had the final score of the half to see Knockanure leading by 1-1 to 0-2 at the break.

Within three minutes of the restart, Rangers had drawn level with good scores by Joe McElligott and Chris Bentley. However, Knockanure weathered that early storm and struck for what proved to be the crucial score of the game when Fintan McEnery had the simple task of side footing the ball into the net after a mix-up in the Rangers’ defence.

Mike Lynch added a point and after ten minutes, Knockanure led by double scores, 2-2 to 0-4. Gale Rangers fought back well but Knockanure held on for the victory.

After the game there was tremendous excitement as Secretary of the North Kerry Board, Billy Enright, presented the Knockanure Captain, Mike Lynch, with the Cup.


KNOCKANURE — D Fitzgerald, J Keane, D Nolan, T McMahon, P Shanahan, P Flavin, M Woods, F McEnery 1-0, T Kennelly, M Lynch 0-1, P O’Sullivan 1-0, R Stack 0-1, K Walsh 0-1, S Enright, P Lane.


GALE RANGERS — R Slemon, B Heffernan, G O’Driscoll, P Barry, W Nolan, J Kelly, T Kelly, D Daly 0-1, J O’Hanlon, C Bentley 0-3, J McElligott 0-2, D Murphy, C Kelly, L Foran, B O’Donoghue.

REFEREE: Tadhg Murphy, Lyre.


MORE; Division 2 results — St Senans 7-12, Finuge 0-3; Beale 0-6, Moyvane 0-3; Duagh 4-16, Tarbert 1-8.

April 20, 2005,  7.30pm, (Wednesday) Rd 4 Div 1; Ballydonoghue v Emmets; John Mitchels v Ballyduff; Na Gaeil v Bally/Asdee. Div 2; Tarbert v Finuge; Duagh v Beale; Moyvane v St Senans.



Athea Notes Kerryman 20 2 1987 page 34.

Best wishes to Knockanure who beat Brosna by one point in the NKL last Sunday. Also mentioned the arrival of free  milk from  the EEC last Thursday, it was distributed by the SVP Society.


Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, February 14, 1997; Page: 43

Moyvane / Knockanure Notes

OUR Primary School basketball, teams were very successful, in the annual Duagh blitz, which was held in the Listowel Sports Centre. Our senior team went through their competition 'undefeated with wins over Dromclough, Ballybunion, Moyderwell (Tralee) and '_Naomh Laichtin and our junior team reached the final of their competition which 'they lost to Dromclough. '

 It was a great day for Moyvane team, captain,,, Suzanne Keane was presented with the Mary O'Carroll Memorial, Trophy by Lenamore's  Irish international player, Ciara 'Neville.

 Moyvane senior: Suzanne Keane, Caroline Hanrahan, Aine Hanrahan, Deborah O'Flaherty, Deirdre Moloney,  Karrie Fitzmaurice, Valerie Brosnan, Martina Sweeney, Rebecca Kiely, Michelle Lynch. '


Moyvane Junior: Lisa Healy, Maria Vaughan, 'Catherine Vaughan, Margaret Foley , Tara, Mulvihill, Aisling Fitzmaurice,, Regina, Galvin, Bridle Hanrahan, Olivia Hanrahan, Selina Mulvihill, Aobhlinn O'Connor, Michelle 'O'Connell, Maggie Lynch. - C o a c h e s : Leona Fitzmaurice and  Aoife Keane.


MOYVANE GAA: Our juniors were defeated by Finuge on, Sunday in the final, of the North Kerry 'League. Finuge backboned by five of their senior championship team were much sharper and fitter and their f o r w a, r d s, particularly corner-forward and Man of the Match in, the senior championship final Paul Galvin were very capable of taking their scores. ' Moyvane tried their 'best but ¦ in, fairness were outclassed. Final score: Finuge 2-14, Moyvane 2-5.

CONGRATULATIONS to our solo singer Elaine Foley and to our group singers Julie Mulvihill, Josephine Moloney, Karen Carmody and Niamh and, Ciara Moloney, who won on 'Friday night in Siamsa Tire in Tralee for the Minister finals which will be held on March 1.1997





Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, February 14, 1997; Page: 43

OPENING Sunday May 25 1997 will, be a big day in local Walsh, Memorial Park in Asdee . Clare will provide the opposition to the Kerry seniors, one of the many events to take place on the day.


Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, February 14, 1997; Page: 43

RUGBY: Abbeyfeale were beaten 28-12 by Castleisland, in the final of the 1,996 McElligott.

Liam Quirke kicked four penalties, for Abbeyfeale.

Team: Kevin, Prendeviile, Redmond Qigley, Packy O'Connor, Murty Aherne, Ted Cronin, Liam Quirke (Capt), Jimmy Lane, Dominic Moloney, Seanie Naughton, Paul S h a n a h a n, D e cl a n Smith, Bill Stack, Ivor Browne, Liam Hartnett. Sub James McCarthy.


Abbeyfeale under IS drew 2)0 points all with Clonmel. Paul, Collins scored, two tries for Abbeyfeale and there were tries also by Mike Murphy and Noel Lane. Team: Noel Downey, Andrew Scanneil, T J Riordan.. Mike Murphy, Davy Curt in, Noel Lane, Paul McCarthy, Ronan O'Rourke, Morgan M c M a h o n, P a ul Collins, Bobby McCarthy,, Michael Scannell, Denis McAuIiffe, Eamon Cabill, Dan Smith.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, February 14, 1997; Page: 43

DEATHS: The death occurred, of Fr Jerry Downey, New Street. Sympathy is extended to his bereaved sister Hannah Mai, nephew Dei-mot, niece Breda and all his relatives and friends.

DEATH The entire community of Ballydonoghue  were shocked when they heard of the news that Diaimuid 0 Cathain passed away.  Diarmuid was widely known in the area through Comhaltas and his love for all thing It Irish.

Death of Maud Collins nee Walsh of Ballydonoghue, her husband Denis died in Sept. 1995



Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, November 29, 1958; Page: 14


The tender of a contractor had been accepted and only agreement on the matter of wages for workmen was all that at the' moment was delaying the putting of the Lixnaw water scheme into operation’

So stated" Mr D. J.' Moloney T.D., at the annual convention of the Lixnaw Fianna Fail Club on Saturday night last.

The meeting, which was also addressed by Mr. T. McEllistrim, T.D., was very largely attended and dissatisfaction with the condition of the secondary roads of the area was voiced.

The following- officers : were elected for the coming year: Chairman, P. Lyons; Vice-chairman, John Maher Secretary, T. McElligott ; 'Joint Treasurers, J. McElligott and P. J. McAulifie; Delegates to Comhairle Ceanntair, T. McElligott and P. Gilbert.


Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, February 10, 1973; Page: 4


HIS many friends in Moyvane wish to extend .congratulations to Mr. Jas, C. Barrett . M.C.C.  Glin, on his appointment to Shannon Free Airport - Development Co. and to add that 'it is a good, measure of his personal, ability. He has two immediate connections with this parish as his daughter recently married Mr. Jn. Mulvihill, Leitrim, and, his sister is Mrs Dan Kearney, Moyvane



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, May 24, 1991; Page: 11

IN LAST week's issue of The Kerryman the Finuge notes consisted of an article dealing with the removal of the oval wall which surrounded the St. John's Arts and Heritage Centre in Listowel Square. The writer of these notes, Martin Whelan, would like to make it quite clear that this article was not inserted by him. The item was inserted to appear as a letter and was written by Breda Walsh, Finuge.


Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, May 24, 1991; Page: 11


ALL ARE invited to the launch of "Between the Hills and Sea — Songs and Ballads of Kerry, a book and cassette of Kerry songs in English edited by Gabriel Fitzmaurice.

 The cassette features singing ' by Sean Ahem, Betty McElligott and Gabriel himself along with eight other Kerry and West Limerick singers. The lunch takes place in the ballroom, Listowel Arms Hotel on this Saturday, May 25 1991 at 1pm.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, May 24, 1991; Page: 11

WEDDING: The marriage took place recently of Garry Meehan, Moyvane South and Marie Sweeney, Ballygologue, Listowel.

DEATHS: The death took place at her residence of Mrs. Nora Moloney (nee Looney] Dromurhur, Moyvane. Her remains were removed to Moyvane Church and was buried in the old cemetery, Knockanure, following Requiem Mass. She is survived by her husband Denny, sons, daughters-in-law, sisters-in-law, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, relatives and friends.

The death took place of John Guiney, Moyvane South. His remains were removed to Moyvane Church and he was buried in Murhur cemetery following Requiem Mass. He is survived by his brothers, sisters, relatives and friends.

The death also took place following an accident of Miss Breda McElligott, Pulleen Cross, Tarbert. She was sister of Mrs. Betty Ahem, Leitrim Middle.


Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, February 01, 1958; Page: 12


SI STER Mary Kevin, of the Sisters of the Assumption, recently qualified as a general nurse in Dublin. Sister Mary Kevin is daughter of Mrs. and the late John F. ScanIon, Moher, and sister of Fr. J. J. Scanlon, C.C., Lixnaw.



Kerryman North Edition, Wednesday, October 19, 2011; Section: News


Monsignor Michael Leahy P.P - The death has occurred of Monsignor Michael Leahy, former Parish Priest of Listowel, and news of his passing led to great sadness all over North Kerry. He was a stylish footballer in his youth and would travel to matches by pony and trap from his native Knockanure. A Finuge footballer from that era told us that Finuge's prospects were always better if he was away in Maynooth! He was appointed to Listowel Parish following the death of Monsignor James Sheehan P.P. and he remained with us until ill health forced his retirement. He was much loved by his Parishioners and it was very difficult to refuse any request he made of anyone. He was particularly good at resolving rows and brought a peaceful end to many disputes. He was very generous by nature and brought many the box of sweets to the children of Killocrim School over the years. May he rest in peace.

Sympathy also goes to the family and friends of Gerald Barry, Tour na Gaoithe and late of Tanavalla.


Moyvane play Ballydonoghue in the semi-final of the North Kerry championship on Sunday or Monday of the long weekend Players are asked to check posters for clarification.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, June 28, 1985; Page: 10

WALSH Elections reviewed.

but if enough of people thought they, would choose him, he might go again. Mr. Walsh described himself as disappointed with the young voters in particular who seemed to be voting Fine Gael.

"People are still buying the promises of canvassers and the letters from councillors saying that something is being looked into," he said.

He agreed that the Sinn Fein campaign had not been as effective as the last time and pointed to the lack of money a one reason for this. "If I had had enough foresight I would have  a second candidate in the Ballyduff and Kilmoyley areas to take the pressure off me.

He was happy with his vote in the Asdee, Lisselton areas, but pointed to Knockanure as an example of one of the areas where he was disappointed that he had not polled heavier. He had played football with Knockanure. He wished all incoming councillors every success



Kerryman North Edition, Wednesday, April 11, 2007;

FOOTBALL: Clounmacon had a big win over Finuge in the 1st round of the North Kerry league div 3, score Clounmacom 5 10 Finuge 2 07 and the B team followed that on Friday evening with a 2 point win over Knockanure in a cracking game of football. Score Clounmacom 3-7 Knockanure 3-2. Scorers: David Ryan 1-5, Robert Twomey 1-0, Rob Hanlon 1-0, Tony Walsh and Timmy Mulvihill 0-1 each.





Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, April 07, 1962; Page: 20


The local drama troupe won the two competitions they entered for recently at the Nenagh Gaelic Drama Festival They also captured the award for the highest mark of any play at the Festival They got very high praise indeed from the adjudicator, Mr. MacAnna of the Abbey, who said they were fit to take the stage at any ' European festival.



Kerryman 1904-current, Saturday, April 07, 1962; Page: 20


OUR local ICA would like to thank the Ballydonoghue GAA club for presenting their play on a fifty fifty basis for the beneft of the locals who have no income. The capacity audience enjoyed both the variety concert and the play. Local contributor Miss E Mulvihill of Leitrim sang and danced The very able M C was Mr Dan Keane Carrueragh Moyvane.

 FOOTBALL MEETING Draw made for the Parish  League as follows—Murhur v Kilbaha, Ref. Bernard O Callaghan. The Village v Leitrim referee P Hanrahan. Dates are to be fixed on Monday night. A committee of three members will decide on matters concerning parish league matches was formed and are Fr Griffin, Jerry Brosnan and James F Nolan

RFCENT DEATHS The death occurred at a ripe old age of Mrs John _Moloney Coilgurteen Her funeral to Listowel cemetery was well attended Sympathy is extended to her children Mrs P Hanrahan and Mrs Jack Nolan

FORMER SECRETARY Sympathy is tendered to Mr. Wm. Finucane on the death of his brother. Wm, Finucane was for a number of years secretary of the Knockanure football club. The death took place of Mrs. J. Collins, Tarmons, A large number were present at 'the funeral.



COMHALTAS; A local branch of the above was formed here on Saturday night last when a group of local enthusiasts assembled at the Railway House. Members of the County Executive were present and preliminary steps in connection with the Fleadh Ceoil  were discussed. This event, which will be held here during the month of June, has early indications of being one of the best held in the county so far. Officers and committee elected were as follows:— President, Very Rev. Fr. J. J.  Murphy, P . P., V.F : chairman, Mr. Robert Johnson, Ahima: Vice-chairman, Mr. Stephen Galvin. East End,  Hon. Sec : delegates to Co. Board. Mr. Jim FitzgeraId Main St. Hon. treasurer, Mr. Jack Lyons. Church, St., Mr. Eamon Waldron. Railway Bar,  and Mr . J . Julian, Ballyeagh.


THE BIG NIGHT The annual concert in aid of the Ballybunion Pipers Band—or as it has become more popularly known over the years.  The Doctor's Concert, has been fixed for April 12 and 14th for the Cinema . This event, over the years past, become one of the most popular events of the winter season here, and I have not the slightest doubt that this year's presentation will be well up I to the high standards of the past.

I.C. A. Mrs. J. Henderson. Mrs. Nora Mahony and Mrs, W, Mulvihill, all officers of the local Guild of the ICA, as well as Mrs. K Aherne, are at present doing a week's course at the headquarters of the Association, An Grianan, Termonfeckin, Co. Louth. Mrs. Ahem is National  President of the I.C A.


Kerry Sentinel 1878-1916, Saturday, March 29, 1902; Page: 3

I published a gratis obituary notice of the Tralee Rugby Club in my last " Notes." It, however, appears that though the club is dead some of the members are still living and—no, not kicking, but complaning loudly that they had been " sold" by some of their friends in Listowel who once adopted the Rugby code but were compelled to abandon it owing to various causes. It appears they wrote to a certain gentleman in Listowel who has recently become a convert to the G.A.A and asked him to provide half a dozen players to make up the Tralee team against Limerick, but the aforesaid gentleman was unable to give them any assistance, and the result was that the Tralee men went down before their brother shoneens in Limerick, and have now given up the ghost so far as Rugby football is concerned. The club may be revived in honour of the coronation of Edward Rex, " the Royal anti-Idolater." I throw out the suggestion for what it is worth.

Rugby died long ago in Listowel. Indeed it can scarcely be said to have over existed, notwithstanding the attention it received from Mr John M'Auley, who has done so much to propagate Rugbyism, and so far as Listowel is concerned—failed. This gentleman will find that the £50 be applied for to the Irish Rugby Union to " organise" Munster against our National pastimes will not be productive of good results. Mr M'Auley could not now even get his own employees to play the game with which his name is sometimes associated. The fact is Rugby football and such, like imported pastimes are doomed, and the sooner the fact is recognised the better for all concerned. Signs are not wanting that the " sportsmen" who forget they are Irishmen or who are too " fashionable" to acknowledge the land of their birth, steeped as they are in the sink of shoneenism, and who play British games in this country under the British flag, will soon find themselves objects of scorn and contempt.


Kerry Weekly Reporter 1883-1920, Saturday, July 28, 1900; Page: 2


Three matches in connection With the first ties for the county championship were down for discussion at Tralee on Sunday Castleisland v Firies (football), Ballyduff v. ODorney (hurling), and Clahane v. Knockanure (football). The weather turned out favourable, though there was a constant drizzle up to the time of starting the matches, shortly before two o'clock. The attendance of spectators was  exceedingly large, it is regrettable to have to record the fact that practically the first matches of the year were marked with some very discreditable proceedings. Firies v. Castleisland were the first to take the field. The former playing with a slight breeze in their favour, ran up a score of five points during the first half time, while Castleisland only put in one. Half time whistle, however , had only just sounded when a frantic encounter took place between two of the players, which threatened to develop into a regular faction fight, players and outsiders being soon engaged. The referee ,Mr James Moynihan, declared the match off, and ordered the teams off the field. It is understood that he has sent a recommendation to the County Board to have both teams: disqualified for the rest of the season, This is a step in the right direction, for stern action must be taken to put down conduct which brings disgrace on the association. During the progress of the other two matches there were a couple of instances where players squared out  but the offenders were promptly suspended by the referee for the remainder of the play, with admirable results.  If referees act with firmness in having the rules adhered to, we may hope to soon see an end to rows at Gaelic contests. Sunday's disturbances were, regrettable, but the punishment meted out to those responsible will serve as a wholesome lesson for future contests. The hurling match excited an extraordinary amount of interest, and the contest throughout justified the fact. The men played a fine dashing gamer but the Ballyduff boys' who, we were told, played short of their number, were undoubtedly overmatched, and though they contested every inch of ground, they went down before a better team. Details: —


The coin turned in favour of Ballyduff, who played with a slight breeze to their backs. Play from the outset was fast and scientific. O'Dorney  forced the puce, and Ballyduff lines were attacked rigorously. A few overs, however, only resulted before the tension was relieved. A rush by Ballyduff brought the slitter to the O'Dorney lines, but it was quickly returned, and after an exciting tussle ODorney scored its first point ten minutes after start of play.The puck out was well followed up, and for the next five minutes play was confined to the O'Dorney territory. The latter again commenced. to press, and Ballyduff were again put on the defensive. A nice puck by Dowling shot the slitter under the cross-bar. The puck-out did not bring much relief to Ballyduff and the performance was repeated. From this to call of half time, play was slow and uninteresting. The score at half time stood : —

O'Dorney, 2 goals 1 point

Ballyduff, ' Nil

On resuming Ballyduff forced the pace, and within two minutes of starting scored a goal. The puck out was well followed up, and O'Dorney returned the compliment by putting in a nice goal, to which soon after they added a point. The puck did not bring much relief and O'Dorney put in another goal. Give and take play was the order for the remainder the match. The final score was :—  O'Dorney, 4 goals 2 points Ballyduff,  1 goal .

The teams were:  O'Dorney: Michael Scollard (captain), Garrett Mahony, Ned Doolan Pat Collins Michael Healy, David Fitzgerald, Patrick Murphy, Martin Flaherty, Denis Glavin, Patrick Riordan. John Joy, James Sullivan, Wm Rahilly, J Greaney John Commane, P  Twomey, M Halphin and Denis Murphy.


Bullyduff: J Mahony (captain), P Sullivan, P Guerin, P. Sheehy, ? Neill, D Kissane, E Hussey, E Neilan, P Quill, E Griffin, James Fitzgerald, E Horrigan, M Carroll P Carroll and J Kearney.

Mr J P O'Sullivan refereed the match.



North Kerry Junior League played in Duagh

Taken from  Cork Examiner  May 11th 1938 page 2.

Duagh 2-5  Knockanure 0-3; Bedford 2-4 and Islandanny 0-7.

Prominent for Knockanure were Nash, Kearney and Mulvihill. Ref was Sean McAuliffe.

Bedford team were; P Halpin, D Hartnett, T Cahill, P Corridan, P Pierce, B Bunyan, J Stack, J Scanlon, T Shea, P Pelican, G Stack and E J Flavin.

Islandanny Team; J OConnor, T Sheehy (Capt), D OConnor, P McCarthy, M Dillon, E Murphy, P Dillon, P Brosnan, M. Moloney, J Fitzgerald, A Maher, J McCarthy, P Keane, S Riordan, T O Shea, B O Shea, P Horgan.

Knockanure Team; L Collins, J OConnor, C O Connor, P Kearney, C Mulvihill, J Stokes, T Relihan, P Flavin, C Buckley, J Nash, M Finucane, J O Connor, P Finucane, J Leahy, T O Connor.

Duagh Team; M Moloney, Hartnett, F Gunn, J Griffin, D Kelliher, J Carroll, M Stack, D Byrne, C Buckley, M Stack,  Gaire, P Collins, N Stack and J Kelliher.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, July 10, 1987; Page: 5

Concert in Moyvane on Sunday night was was very good. It had a large variety of items and personnel as follows: first a juvenile quiz: The Golden Wonders, H. Beaton, S. Groarke, P. Sheehy, Leitrim; The Navigators: B. Keane, Galebridge, Julia Hanrahan. Kilbaha, Paula Kennedy, The Village. The Navigators won by 64 marks to 62. Music was supplied by Jerry Enright and B. O'Connor, Knockanure with Jimmy Kennelly, Kilbaha. Miss Marie O'Callaghan, NT, gave a recitation; a hornpipe was danced by Paudie Hanrahan, Kilbaha, with music by the above trio. Songs were sung at the intervals by B. O'Connor, Keylod, G. Fitzmaurice, NT., to his own accompaniment on a guitar. Billy Cunningham almost "stole the show " with his football song, Moyvane v, Tarbert, of Con Brosnan's football days. The Knockanure all-male fashion show members were M. Sheehy, P. Ahem, Leitrim, Peter Stackpoole, Pk. Stack, Matt Goulding, Ml. O'Flaherty, Sean McMahon, Knockanure.

Helen Enright, Knockanure was commentator.

That concert was followed by the Moyvane and Knockanure Pioneers Drama Production " Silence in Court," which they are presenting in Cork next Saturday in the Munster P.T.A.A. drama competition.

Fr. Lawlor welcomed the guests at the concert. Mr. Dan Keane was M.C.

A raffle in aid of funds for three donated prizes went to Sinead Hanrahan, Kilbaha, a bedside lamp; Jn, J. Quinn, a bottle of sherry; Shirley Groarke, a half tin of biscuits.

 IC.A. — The Spring Federation meeting of the IC.A. was held in Moyvane this year. It was a very successful and social gathering with the following officers of Kerry County Federation in attendance and most of Kerry Guilds represented.

The Co. Federation officers present included Mrs. E. Coughlan, Co. Federation President, Mrs. J. Collins, Federation secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth Egan, treasurer, Mrs. Tessie Egan, Federation Competition Secretary, Mrs. Anna B. Houlihan, Grianan Teachta, Mrs. Casey and Mrs. Holland.

CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Mary O'Flaherty, Keylod on winning the All-Ireland " Sean-Nos" singing of Slogadh '78 last weekend at Wexford. She is singing in the combined P.T.A.A. Drama Group in the competition at the week-end.


WEDDING BELLS—The marriage has taken place at St. Senan's Church, Shannon Airport, of Mr. Neilie Buckley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Con Buckley, Knockanure and Miss Mairead Gilmore of Tuam, Co. Galway.

The marriage has taken place of Mr. Maurice Walsh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mossy Walsh, Tarmons to Miss Barbara Stack, daughter of Mrs. Mary Keane-Stack and the late Mr. Steward Stack, Listowel. The ceremony took place at' St. Mary's Church, Listowel.


FOOTBALL Moyvane—Our footballers had mixed fortunes over the week-end. The juniors beat Ballydonoghue 2-6 to 1-4 but the seniors lost to Desmonds 1-6 to 2-6. Knockanure had a very interesting game with Asdee. Knockanure won 2-1 to 0-4. NEXT SUNDAY—The seniors here next Sunday should have a very interesting game against Beale. It is due to start at 3.15. The Moyvane juniors play Knocknagoshel before the senior game.

 ON SUNDAY next, April 16, the annual Cadette Basketball Blitz for the O'Connell Perpetual Cup will be held in the Holy Cross Games Centre. Girls teams from Ballybunion, Balloonagh, Presentation, Tralee, Dingle, Moyderwell, Rathmore, Caherciveen, Presentation, Killarney, Loreto and the local girls team will compete. An added attraction to the day's sport is the final of Boys Under 17 tournament for the Harrington Trophy between Bantry and Kenmare . Games commence at 9.30 a.m. and continue non-stop until 7 p.m

G.A.A.—There was a bit of confusion at Austin Stack Park, Tra: lee, last Sunday afternoon. Castlegregory and Kerins O'Rahillys, Tralee, both were billed to play one another in a West Kerry senior league game. When they arrived the learned that Jn. Mitchel’s, Tralee, and Clounmacon (North Kerry) were also billed to play a North Kerry game. The referee for the West Kerry game. Tom O'Connor, Lispole, arrived and asked the teams to take the field as Qlounmacon had not ' as yet arrived. Castlegregory did so. Kerins O'Rahilly’s did not take the field while in the meantime the other two teams took the field later. The referee of the West Kerry match will now send his report on the happening to West Kerry Board. Castlegregory senior team will play Lispole at Castlegregory Sportsfield on Sunday next at 3 p.m. in a West Kerry League game

A NUMBER of people from the locality recently availed of the Open Day at the Burlington Factory at Clash, Tralee, by paying a visit to the complex and gained a clearer view for themselves of the workings of this modern plant. A number of local young people work in this factory.



Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, July 04, 1975; Page: 5

REGARDING the collection taken up last Sunday for the Pipe Band, Moyvane people will be interested to know that the secretary, who is also in charge of the band, is a son of a Moyvane woman the late Mrs. McGrowan, a sister of Mr. Jack Aherne, Leitrim Middle, Mrs. P. Enright, Moyvane, as well as being a cousin of Fr. Paddy and Sean Aherne, with many other relatives in this parish.

£100 FOR AGED— I have been asked to thank all who contributed to the Listowel Old , Folks collection taken up the Sunday before for the very fine contribution of over £100 from both Moyvane and Knockanure.

FOOTBALL— The Moyvane v. Tarbert game here last Friday evening never came up to expectations. Yet with not more than four points between them for most of the second half it held interest throughout. A great goal by Moyvane in the very last minute caused a stir among the attendance but was too late to add real life to the game, which Moyvane lost by just that one point.

BEREAVED— Sympathy is extended to Mrs. Nora Brandon, Aughrim, on the death of her brother, Mr. Con O'Connor, Clounamon, Ballylongford. The death in Birmingham of Mrs. MI. O'Brien, formerly of Bouragougeen, came as a shock to the locality. Her remains. are being brought home for interment this Thursday. She was formerly Miss Maudie Lynch, Gurtdromagounna.

HIGH PRICES— Good quality hay suitable for baling is reaching as much as £75 an acre here and there is brisk bidding for it in most cases.

ON HOLIDAYS—Mr. Paddy Stack is home on holidays from Rochester to be present at the celebration of the ninetieth birthday of his father, Mr. Mossy Stack. Leitrim Middle.


Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, July 04, 1975; Page: 5

REGARDING the collection taken up last Sunday for the Pipe Band, Moyvane people will be interested to know that the secretary, who is also in charge of the band, is a son of a Moyvane woman the late Mrs. McGrowan, a sister of Mr. Jack Aherne, Leitrim Middle, Mrs. P. Enright, Moyvane, as well as being a cousin of Fr. Paddy and Sean Aherne, with many other relatives in this parish.

£100 FOR AGED— I have been asked to thank all who contributed to the Listowel Old , Folks collection taken up the Sunday before for the very fine contribution of over £100 from both Moyvane and Knockanure.

FOOTBALL— The Moyvane v. Tarbert game here last Friday evening never came up to expectations. Yet with not more than four points between them for most of the second half it held interest throughout. A great goal by Moyvane in the very last minute caused a stir among the attendance but was too late to add real life to the game, which Moyvane lost by just that one point.

BEREAVED— Sympathy is extended to Mrs. Nora Brandon, Aughrim, on the death of her brother, Mr. Con O'Connor, Clounamon, Ballylongford. The death in Birmingham of Mrs. MI. O'Brien, formerly of Bouragougeen, came as a shock to the locality. Her remains. are being brought home for interment this Thursday. She was formerly Miss Maudie Lynch, Gurtdromagounna.

HIGH PRICES— Good quality hay suitable for baling is reaching as much as £75 an acre here and there is brisk bidding for it in most cases.

ON HOLIDAYS—Mr. Paddy Stack is home on holidays from Rochester to be present at the celebration of the ninetieth birthday of his father, Mr. Mossy Stack. Leitrim Middle.


Kerryman 1904-current, Friday, April 30, 1999; Page: 68

FOOTBALL: Knockanure will play Gale Rangers in the North, Kerry League on Friday evening next at 7.30pm in, Knockanure.

ELECTIONS: There will be two local candidates in the upcoming council elections — Margaret Carmody, Independent and Pat Leahy, Labour. Margaret will launch her campaign at Flynn's on May 7.1999.



Kerryman 20-8-1938 p10

Snipss from Shannonside.

Looking forward to four exciting matches in the North Kerry.

Newtownsandes v Listowel; Tarbert v NTS; NTS v Ballylongford and Listowel v Tarbert.

North Kerry Football Board withdrew permission for Ballybunion Parish Football League, because one team behaved badly last year. Three teams were willing to play leaving out the unruly team. Young players may be lost due to ruling.

Faha team were a strong force fourteen years ago when they played Newtownsandes. If present interest continues, Faha and Beal Team should be favourites in next year North Kerry Junior League.

Cottage Tenants and Rural Workers Association. Notices to quit have been served on people who have not broken agreement they had with Kerry Board of Health. Collections made in a few parishes.

15th August saw Ballybunion thronged. Special buses from Limerick, Cork. Weather far from suitable. Weather much colder and the rain comes in torrents, impossible to save hay. At Litter, Asdee, card playing a winter game.


Kerryman 7 July 1934 p16

Song about camogie match played in Listowel against Blennerville, Listowel won.


Limerick Leader 8-10-1927 p6

Items from Glin

Football; In the Glin Sportsfield Glin v Newtown, some All Ireland players in Newtown team. Score Glin 12 points Newtown 4 points.

Glin team won the County Championship recently, their silver medals displayed at John Stack’s window.


The Football Feats of Jack Flavin

John Murphy

One of Moyvanes greatest footballer was born in Aughrim and grew up when Con Broshan was the best midfield player in Ireland from 1924 to 1932.

At 19 he was on the Newtown (Moyvane) team which won North Kerry in 1928. At 20 he was of the Kerry junior team who won the all-Ireland in 1930. Two of that team also went of to greater honours -David o Keeffe and Roondy Landers. In 1931 he was of the team who won the National League and was sub the same year when they won the all-Ireland. In 1932 he was again sub in the 4 in a row win. Then politics began to rear its ugly head and a valley period in Kerry Football set in from 1933 to 1936. But back again in 1937. He was part of a forward machine which swamped Cavan in the replayed final -the other forwards were Purty and Roondy Landers, Miko Doyle, Charlie Sullivan and Tim o Leary. In 1938 he was on the Galway team which beat Kerry in a replay. In 1939 he won the National League with Galway. Still with Galway he won three more Connaught Championship medals only to be beaten twice by Kerry in the All- Ireland Finals of 1940 and 1941 -the third time by Dublin. Truly a great player. A local poet puts it better,

Mick Roche played a great game at mid-field, but Flavin was peerless. That day for his equal is surely missing from football in Kerry today.

Notes 2010; ST MICHAEL'S College can be proud of their contribution to education and football over the past 130 years; former pupils of the college have won 57 All Ireland senior medals. One of the most senior past pupils of St Michael's is Knockanure man John Murphy.

FOOTBALLER, James O Donovan a Limerick player could be considered a Knockanure man as his grandmother was Agnes Leahy of Lisaniska.

BEST Wishes to Breda Lane and the Kerry Ladies Football team posters have been erected in several locations around the Parish.



North Kerry Board

When County Convention of 1924 adopted a Listowel motion calling for the setting up of Divisional Boards to promote Hurling and Football all over Kerry. Maurice McGrath, the then Postmaster of Listowel was behind the motion. Six Clubs affiliated for the new League, Ballydonoghue, Ballylongford, Duagh, Faha, Listowel and Moyvane. Five pound grant was given to each team, five sets of jerseys were to be obtained, Listowel having their own already and the winners were to get a set of gold medals while the runners up received a football. The competition was won by Moyvane. it was not the first league in North Kerry. In 1918/20 leagues had been run Listowel won the 1918 league, and Dromlought (Ballydonoghue) that of 1919/20.


Moyvane Club History


article taken from "Souvenir Match Programme" of 1999 N.K. Championship Final)

Records show that Newtown' played Dromlought in Murphy's field in Knockanure in 1917. The Line-out was: John O'Sullivan, Mossie Walsh, Joe More, Johnny McCabe, John Thade, Jimmy O'Mahony, Bill & Paud O'Sullivan, Paddy Finucane, Maurice Walshe, James ('Sonny') Harrington, Mike Goulding, Tom Stack, Jim Nolan, Tom O'Callaghan and Con Brosnan.

Newtown later participated in the North Kerry League organised by the Listowel club (the earliest established club in North Kerry), prior to the establishment of the North Kerry Board in 1925. Newtown, in fact, won the first ever North Kerry championship run by the board in 1925. One member of that winning team had already lined out for Kerry at midfield in the All-Ireland final of 1923, in which Kerry were defeated. However, the contribution of Con Brosnan, of whom I write, did not go unnoticed, even though Kerry had to give way, on the day, to Dublin. His immaculate fielding, precision, kicking and unflinching endurance on that occasion were destined to be oft repeated. Not alone for his native Moyvane but even more emphatically and importantly these qualities were to carry him to such a pinnacle of fame before his career's end as to be proclaimed among Kerry's greatest mid-fielders ever!

1923 was to be the first of Eight appearances for Con in All-Ireland finals for Moyvane's most famous son. Con won six All-Ireland medals. Thomas Mahony, his team-mate on the Moyvane of that time, followed him on to the Kerry team winning All-Ireland medals in 1926 & 1927. In these early days of Moyvane football, club games were played in Bill Stephen Stacks field, located just south of the village on the banks of the Ownamoy. County championship games were held, however, in John O'Connor's field, just across the road. North Kerry senior championship victories in 1925, '27, '28, '30 & '32 had enabled Moyvane to stamp their authority; on North Kerry football.

Besides Con Brosnan, the team abounded with footballers of great stature: Tom O'Callaghan, Paddy Windle, Tom O'Mahony, Dan Kearney, Joe McCabe, J.Brassil (goals), J.Finucane, W. O'Sullivan, J.Stack, Josie Enright, Paud O'Sullivan (father of renouned Finuge footballers: Tom, Tim & Christy and also a Kerry Team panellist of his era), W. Finucane, D.Mulvihill, J.J.Moriarty, J.Mahony, J.McCabe and John Flavin.

John Flavin won an All-Ireland medal with Kerry in 1937 and contributed hansomely to Kerry's eclipse by Galway in the All-Ireland final of 1938.


AUSTRALIA: TADGH Kennelly, introduction to his parting speech given in Australia. My football journey began the minute I could walk. I grew up in a small country town called Listowel, in Co-Kerry on the South West of Ireland where there are about 1500 people. My childhood was no different to many other children's in that I idolised my father and whatever my father did I wanted to do. The only problem was my dad had won five All Irelands (premierships) with Kerry so I had a lot to live up to. Full speech at newtownsandes.jimdo.com











By Pat Brosnan




The cheers ring ‘round the Gaelic Grounds,




They echo far away,




The Limerick football championship has come to sweet Athea,




The dream at last it has come true,




No longer must we wait,




They’ve brought the cup home to the West,




These men of sixty-eight.




The first they beat was Patrickswell,




Next did Askeaton fall,




Then Oola’s best they failed to test,




With our boys to play the ball,




Now came Treaty Sarsfields in the final game to play,




Some wise men shook their heads and said “they’ll surely beat Athea”.




The Autumn sun was shining on that field near Limerick town,




When they came from Clash and Cratloe, the Village and Knockdown,




From Knocknagorna’s hills as well, from Keale, Coole West, Tooreen,




From Gortnagross and Knockanair and the vales of sweet Dirreen.




Then old men’s thoughts they drifted back to the games they used to see,




And to the men who fought in harder fields to make our nation free,




Con Colbert, Gortnagleanna, Paddy Dalton came to mind,




Many hearts with pride were beating for those days long left behind.




But every face is turned now to the scene of the present day,




The Treaty boys they struggled hard but were no match for Athea,




And when the final whistle went there was no doubt who was best,




The cup had found a worthy home in it’s journey to the West.




Here’s to the men of sixty-eight with Con Mullane full back,




Tom Keeffe in goal beside him “Morgan” Moran and Sean Mack,




Ken Dermody, Frank Collins and Mike Hayes made no mistake,




And when Gerry Carey gets the ball the West is wide awake.




The Barrett brothers and Joe Keeffe were always to the fore,




And from a player like Timmy Woulfe no one could ask for more,




Murt Liston the young captain was indeed a shining light,




Kevin Dillon and Joe Brouder they too played with all their might.




The other men who also served, the subs behind the scene,




Tim Enright, “Haulie” Moran, and Pat Dalton from Dirreen,




Tim Keeffe and Danny Barry, Patie Moran, Jim Dillane,




Mick White and Jack O’ Connor too, strong men of brain and bawn.




We will always look upon you as the greatest of the great,




And in many a future battle we know we’ll never fail,




To bring the laurels often home to the town beside the Gale





A look at descendant of local man who was active in Australia.

Patrick John (Pat) Kennelly (1900-1981), Australian Labour Party official and politician, was born on 3 June 1900 at Northcote, Melbourne, fifth child of Moyvane born parents John Kennelly, warder, and his wife Mary, née O’Dea. Educated at St Joseph’s School, Northcote, and St Patrick’s College, East Melbourne, Pat set his life’s course from an early age: at 15 he joined the Australian Labour Party. When he commenced work he joined the Federated Clerks’ Union of Australia and by 19 he was secretary of the Northcote branch of the ALP, where he began a lifelong association with John Cain. While working at the Yallourn open-cut mine in 1925 he coached the local football team, foreshadowing an enduring association with Australian Rules football, which included the Port Melbourne and Richmond clubs.